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    Hi Everyone
    My name is Sarah and I have just joined this site. I am create paintings digitally from photographs. Most of my work is Hand Paint Pet Portraits (no use of paint conversion plugins). I also create Floral Art pictures using photographs that I have taken and then manipulated in photoshop adding textures and special effects, most of which I make up as I go along. I start with an idea in my head and then try different techniques to achieve the end result. Sometime the finish is completely different from my initial idea.

    My goal is to create something that is pleasing to the eye and would look good hanging on the wall.

    Please would you kindly look at the paintings that I have uploaded in my profile and give me some honest opinions and advice on how you feel that they could be improved. They are mostly displayed in a digital frame to give you an idea of what each one could look like framed. Thank you.
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    Hi and welcome. I use Photoshop but never got my head around the painting tools in it. Your work looks very good. Far beyond me I think LOL

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      They are really good, fab effects

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        Your work looks excellent. Congratulations on mastering the technique!
        Ali x

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          Hello, Sarah! And welcome to the Forum. I visited your website and I was amazed !!! My Good, you're an artist! I just love your cat & dog portraits. Keep up the good work!
          Pia from Sweden
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            Welcome to the Forum Sarah. I've just looked at your pictures and am absolutely bowled over by them. Flowers aren't usually my thing but yours are gorgeous, and the pet portraits are just something else! I particularly like the portrait of the grey cat - it reminds me of the first feline that came to live with us.



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              Have done the whole tour including your website and Flickr - lovely, lovely work Sarah!

              I have PS Elements 8 and when I got it last year, I tried a few things, but now just auto-fix things, reduce sizes etc.

              You have inspired me to do more with it...

              I love to photograph flowers so have plenty to work on!

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                Ive got the equipment, all i need now is to start using the equipment properly, any ideas as to getting started with digital painting. Ive got a cintiq and photoshop cs4 to get me started.


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                  I love the flowers and I'm jealous! I have photos but have never got my head round the software you have so obviously mastered!
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                    You make some pretty amazing stuff here!x Absolutely LUSH!x
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                      Amazing stuff.I loved your blog so much.