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Tips for using oil paints please

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  • Tips for using oil paints please

    Hia Folks

    I've experimented with using oil paints in the past, so I know what they are like to use, and that you can make interesting shades and patterns etc with them.

    I am going to paint a landscape on an art canvas.

    What else do I need to use other than oil paints? Also, what do I use for cleaning brushes? And how do I store the paint in the pallet etc?
    Alison from Wombourne

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    White spirit for brush cleaning. Paints will sometimes keep on the pallet for a day or so depending on conditions and thickness of paint. If you're not returning to it or need to clean just use old rags and white spirit. Use pallet knife for mixing not a brush. The thinner the paint (ie the more white spirit) you use, the quicker the paint will dry but then the layer of paint will also be thinner. Thin paint is ideal for blocking out your painting to start.


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      I used to use acrylic, you can use them quite thickly for an effect similar to oils or watered down like water colours. The bonus is that brushes only need to be washed out in water.

      Good luck with your painting, don't forget to show us

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        You should look at Bob Ross's techniques for painting landscapes he has a few videos on you tube and some other guys have some videos. He also uses specific brushes and knives to create beautiful landscapes. I might start it up myself I think I am getting the bug!!
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          If you want to keep your paint on the pallet so you are not wasteing it. Cover your pallet with clingfilm.


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            Avoid using Ivory Black for an underpainting or sketching as it dries much slower than other oil paints.
            Use linseed oil for an underpainting or in the bottom layers of any oil painting done wet-on-dry as it dries the most thoroughly of all the oils used as mediums.
            To create the illusion of distance in your paintings paint receding objects with cooler less intense color. Objects that advance are warmer and more intense.

            Good Luck...
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