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Painting hit + miss every time

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  • Painting hit + miss every time

    Hia Folks

    I love to paint, though havent done any for a long time, but hoping to resume soon. Might even have a go today

    My issue is, I have to finished my painting in one sitting, as I find I get into a routine during that sitting, I work out the colours I need, mix them together etc and start work on a masterpiece. Problem is, if I don't finish it in one sitting, I can never get the right colours/textures and technique back that I was using, and the masterpiece doesnt "flow" as well.

    Not sure if that makes sense. Any tips would be gratefully appreciated.
    Alison from Wombourne

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    You don't say what sort of painting - subject size etc. - you are doing, but I am the same as you, my reason is that I am a pretty impatient person and like to get things done. Therefore I paint art that i can finish in one session, this session can be very long though!!

    I have done work in the past that has taken a week or more to paint, but I tend to also then work on quicker paintings as well.

    Try scaling back the size etc of the masterpiece so that you can finish in one hit, the more you do the quicker you will become.
    Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

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      I am very similar to you, although i haven't painted for about 4 years now. I found that i changed my style of painting to fit in with my impatientness; doing more abstract pieces and experimenting with brush textures and strokes. The best advice is to look at some of your idols and get some inspiration - think 'How can i do that but in a quick way?'
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