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  • Interest in painting..

    Hi to all painters,

    Let us discuss here how many people have interest in painting. I am not talking about painting on canvas or wall, discuss all artists you have interest in any kind of painting. whether wall, canvas, furniture, clothes or any other.
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    Free Printable Crafts

    I do have interest in painting but all I have managed to do so far is paint on paper sheets. I also want to add some craft into this work of art but not sure how to go about it.


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      I'm a Fine Art student and painting is what I do . I paint figures mainly and I also paint animals but over the summer I'm going to attempt more landscape-y stuff
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        i've just finished college where i have been studying for a job,i like painting flowers,portraits,abstract anything really and i like painting on board,canvas,material


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          I am a digital artist and spend most of my spare time (not much lately) painting/colouring my husbands art work...I also drew and painted all the clipart for the fragrances section of my DeliPots website...

          I just wish I had more time to do it
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            I have always painted. I do commissions when pressed. Usually those awful run of four or five canvases with large flowers etc to compliment someones decor grrr! Or worse Portrait's.
            Left to my own devices I sculpt in polymer clay. Imagination set free in 3D LOL
            I still paint for pleasure with my granddaughters, They are very artistic and keen to learn anything Arty or Crafty. xxx

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              Love painting...anything... wood, canvas,glass...just love having a paintbrush in my hand!


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                I'm a pretty rotten painter, but I enjoy doing it! Not freehand, but to designs from books, etc.

                On glass, wood, fabric :

                Scorch's Pyrography :
                Crafts on Flickr :


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                  I love painting or crochet or sculpting or woodwork, but I always come back to painting, whether just flat colour on a wall or a full mural. recently I have been casting small fridge-magnet thingys and painting them with emulsion or acrylic paints, mixing colours regardless of type. I have also discovered how to mix an approximation of Mother-of-pearl using a little metallic acrylic with other paint. The trouble is, I don't seem to be able to just paint a picture on paper. Ah well, never mind, I'll just keep on sploshing it about.


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                    I used to paint, haven't done it for years. I think you might have prompted me to get my brushes out again, I could prob manage a tree or two, nothing more ambitious.
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                      I love painting ...canvas but walls are good to.
                      Ive managed to sell a few of my pictures to which is good considering I was really trying to.
                      I paint figures and flowers mainly but that's because I'be just finished my gcse's and that was our themes.
                      My main interest is landscapes though i love them !