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  • Inspiration cometh!!

    A month or so ago I wrote about what we as artists can do for inspiration, especially when the urge to paint is there but not the will. Some call it artists block, I just call it Bl***y frustrating!!

    Anyway, I just thought that I would post how I got over the latest bout of that dreaded condition. I took my camera out and looked at 'normal' objects and situations, ie in this example the shed, and thought how I could paint something that was a bit different.

    The cobweb was just sitting there, hanging on the corner of the shed, so I zoomed in and took a close up picture. I printed out a draft copy and then set to work painting it. I worked in a small size quite deliberately so that the painting wouldn't take too long.

    So my tip is, if you are suffering the 'block', focus on something that is fairly ordinary but look at it from either close up or perhaps from a different angle, you may be surprised at the result, and it will give you a bit of a push start.

    The Cobweb

    3 x 3 inches. Acrylic onto paper.

    the cobweb small.jpg
    Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

    Even the best of us make mistakes!

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    Exactly what I would recommend. I love using my camera to generate ideas for designs. Great work... well done and thanks for sharing it with us!

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      Lovely. There have been some lovely frosty cobwebs recently and wonderful patterns on the trees, all these things give inspiration. Glad you got past the block.


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        I think sometimes it is the size of the painting and the length of time that you may spend on it that can be off putting. These little paintings only take about an hour and just give that kick start that we all need now and again.
        Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

        Even the best of us make mistakes!


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          That is an unusual painting, but works really well! I have trouble with inspiration sometimes, and end up looking at all sorts of things for a bit of inspiration! Recently most inspiration has been collected when on holiday and I feel like quilling something that will remind me of it - usually something that was a particular highlight or memorable thing.
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            Nature is definitely a great source of inspiration. There is a wood about 5 mins walk from my house and I go there to 'walk it out'!

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              this is a great thread! i have a major case of artists block at the moment and i am taking part in an exhibition which takes place 3 weeks tomorrow! eeeep! i am concerned that i have produced very little for this and i think that's stopping me from creating any new pieces...

              i will try the photographic and nature technique. they might work! ^_^
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                Very often knowing that you have to (need to) produce work for an exhibition can lead to the dreaded block. Depending upon the sort of art that you produce it can be a hindrance knowing that you have to paint a certain number by a certain time. Much art comes from 'within' and has to flow - does that make any sense?

                I have recently started really narrowing the composition right down, almost as if you zoom right in, it makes for an interesting painting, something a little different.

                Good luck, let us know how you get on.

                Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

                Even the best of us make mistakes!


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                  There are lots of great ideas here. I love to crafty things but most of the time never know where to start. I'll definitely try some of your ideas out and it's a great way to put my new camera to use
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