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    Helo, this is my first post.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me. We pyroengrave names on to wood and leather products in trade fairs and so on. We had a supplier who made Door Plaques and Keyrings for us in the shape of animals. These were made from wood, and spray painted with the main colour, with the detail hand painted.

    Unfortunately the supplier has stopped producing these goods, but we have another supplier who is willing to supply them. The only problem is, on the samples he has made, the colours were extremely dull, and the finish was rough. He had bought the paints from B&Q. Also pyroengraving on these was hard, and had to be done over and over again.

    What is extremely important is that the paints used are totally lead-free, non-toxic, non-VOC etc. What paints would be the best option for us to use? We want bright, vibrant colours, and also a smooth finish. We also want to be able to pyroengrave simple names opn tio them easily.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Just to say hello and .
    Sorry I can't help re paint but someone will be along who can.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Thanks for that Critchley. Has any one else got any thought on this?


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        In a past life I did a lot of pyrography onto wood blanks.

        The best wood I found was either sycamore or birch, and found pine to be too wide grained and soft.

        I used standard water colours which can be applied so the colour is quite dense. I also think artists acylic paint could be used. However, I used to protect all the work with polyurethane varnish. So this process may be bit too long for you.

        I was able to burn though the varnish if I wanted personalise items. If it was applied thinly and excess wiped off with a cloth, I found burning though quite easy. Thickly applied varnish would melt and leave residue around the letters and also mess up my tool...not recommended

        Good luck with what you decide to do

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          I'm a pyrographer, and I would advise you to take great care with your choice, to safeguard your health. Many paints, sealers and varnishes give off highly toxic fumes when burned, and I would never recommend burning through any finish of this sort. To protect your lungs from possible permanent damage, you should only burn on raw wood, avoiding toxic woods such as purpleheart and iroko, and never on MDF.

          My simple rule is that if it stinks when you try to burn on it, then don't! But you're better off checking toxicity on material safety data sheets (search for MSDS and the name of the item). Honestly - you can do your lungs serious, permanent damage.

          You might be safe to burn through thin coats of watercolour, but I'd advise checking their contents before doing this. If you were not burning through the paint, then I would recommend artist's acrylic colours, as they are non-toxic when dry, bright and long-lasting.

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            If your supplier is providing in such a poor state (paint from B&Q indeed!) why not get him to supply the blanks unpainted?

            From the sound of it he'd be relieved.

            If you want to paint them yourself afterwards then I'd personally use something like Japlac - particularly if you want a high gloss non-toxic product.

            If you want to paint them before then, as other people have mentioned, check the safety data sheets for the paint that you want to use. All suppliers will have them - or should do.
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