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Advise on making signs look old.

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  • Advise on making signs look old.

    I make wooden plaques and signs from pine and then paint them.
    I need some advise on how to make them look old and shabby. I've trying painting them and then using fine sand paper to give them a distress look, but i want them to look old, like on the 'east of india' signs. i think i need to add some brown paint.....???????

    anyone got any ideas please.
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    To age I use two coats of paint. An undercoat which I rub candle wax into on the areas that would naturally become worn. I then paint over the initial coat and once dry, I gentally rub away in the areas I applied wax.
    I've also over washed with a wash made of acrylic paint in burn umber or ochre which give an aged effect. before adding the wash, I use a super fine sandpaper so that the wash can be absorbed.
    It's really a case of experimenting to see what works for you.
    I'd also look at the colours you are using to start with. Have a look at Dulux heritage paint range and you'll see the sorts of muted colours that were used in past era's. By sticking to these types of colours, you will find the finished effect more aged.
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      Just thought I would mention....


      I just thought I would mention crackle glaze.

      There are numerous types available, I am thinking of the various two part crackle glazes that you can apply to most surfaces.

      In case you have not heard about the crackle glaze, it is painted on a surface and fine cracks appear as it dries, these fine cracks are made more prominent by applying an antique glaze, which is nothing more than a little oil paint (burnt umber) rubbed into the cracked surface.

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        Thanks for the ideas. Got lots to be thinking about and trying now.

        Quirky items from a MAD family.