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PVA - As a varnish on a canvas collage

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  • PVA - As a varnish on a canvas collage

    I am working on a collage at the moment which consists of a painted box canvas, paper and other types of embellishments but have a quick question ...

    I have used PVA as an adhesive for the paper bits and I want to seal these before adding the fabric and other embellishments.

    Would a water and PVA mix solution suffice as an adequate varnish/ sealant as an all over wash ?
    Would it discolour or crack in time ?
    Would anything else be more suitable ?

    I'm racing against time to get it finished so any help would be very much welcome.

    Many thanks

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    I don't know how well PVA would work as a sealent. I use Humbrol crystal clear varnish spray to protect my quilling, it provides a varnish coating and stops it all fading (at least for now!). It also states that its non-yellowing.
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      I use a spray on acrylic varnish. You can get it from art and craft shops. The company I use send goods out on a next day service if its in stock. The trouble with painting something on is if there is anything on the picture which is water soluable then it will be damaged by the brushstrokes. I also don't think that a PVA solution will protect against UV and the artwork may fade.


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        Ooh, super fast answers, thanks so much !

        Hmm ... I had my doubts and now I've been convinced so it's off to the art shop tomorrow for me.