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  • Mystery pattern

    I knitted this pattern for my nieces baby about 3 years ago. It was taken from a knitting mag/book. I would like to do it again. Of course do not have the pattern now !!! The only clues I have is this picture. From that I can see that they used King Cole yarn. But that was the style of baby jacket. Any help would be appreciated.

    Sorry how do I post picture?

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    Morning Borodeb,
    I am a newbie too so I may be wrong but I don't think we are allowed to post images until we have 25 posts.

    Lets try to narrow this down, would you remember the magazine? Was it any of these?

    AH, can't post URLs yet either, um, type into google: the yarn loop which magazine
    it shows a variety maybe you recognize it then go through back issues.


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      Ladies, as far as I am aware, it is links that you cannot post until you have made the requisite 25 posts, pictures can be added as attachments.

      I'm not sure of the "proper" way to do it, but if when you draft your post you click on the "go advanced" button (just to the bottom right of the typing box as I look at it) and then scroll down you will see an option to manage attachments. Within that option you can load up pictures.

      Hope this makes sense to you and you can make it work.



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        will try again. sorry for inconvenience
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          Or you can upload the photo from your “pictures” section on your laptop where you store your snaps, if it says invalid file etc the fole may be too big and you will need to resize. Once it is in your album, ooen the photograph and at the bottom will be a BB code, copy the code, open a thread, paste the Bb code on to the thread. You should be able to post snaps anytime and also put links i.e. FB, Instagram etc in your signature box at any time, just not directly on threads.
          25 posts only applies to urls,’s etc on threads, redirecting people to other sites where you are, FB likes rules-general-number 4.

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