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  • Cross Stitch patterns needing home

    Hi all
    My gramma passed away recently, and as the only other cross stitcher in the family I inheriterd all her old patterns. Unfortunatly we dont really have the same taste & so they are all langishing unwanted in my already over-stuffed pattern box. They are mostly of houses & flowers, with the occasional sampler too (again highly floral). Theres not an awful lot of them but a fair few, I'm sure anone with a more traditional taste would enjoy them, so it seems a waste as I'll never use them - if anyone is interested please let me know & you can have them (my mum suggested selling them on ebay but dosent seem fitting somehow)

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    I know what you mean about not wanting to sell them and not being able to use them because you have different tastes.

    I have more than enough patterns for my needs, but it occurred to me that maybe you could put them on your local freecycle and find them a good home that way? I quite often see needlework patterns and materials advertised on ours. Or another thought that has just occurred to me - maybe there's a local school or group somewhere that could use them?

    Good luck in find them a good home.



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      sorry if this is a dumb question, but whats freecycle?

      I like the idea of giving them to schools or community groups... here i come!


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        Freecycle is a community system of passing on things for which you no longer have a use, but might be useful to someone else; and also for requesting stuff which you either can't afford or can't find and which someone else might have sitting at the back of a cupboard doing nothing.

        It promotes community spirit and saves a lot of stuff going to landfill. Look here for more details

        I've found our local ones very useful at times both for acquiring stuff and for finding homes for things we no longer need.



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          How about donating them to a local charity shop, maybe something like Help the Aged, then perhaps a lady of your grandmas age may buy them, get some enjoyment out of them and give a bit of money to a good cause. Our local hospice shop sells a lot of patterns etc, I've bought bits and bobs from there and donated quite a bit.
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