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To loopy stitch or not to loopy stitch?

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  • To loopy stitch or not to loopy stitch?

    In my pattern there is a section that asks for loopy stitch. I am thinking of knitting it in garter st, preferably, but may use st st. It isn't a pattern that it is essential it has loopy st, and the yarn it suggests is hideously expensive (£8.89 for 25g) for the amount I would actually use of it (not very much), and so fine requires being doubled to knit with it (the rest of the pattern is in 4 ply). I know it could take a certain charm away from the finished item not having the fluffy nature of Rowan kidsilk, but I think it would also be fine without the fluffiness...

    What I wanted to know is, would the tension be fine to use the 4ply I have been using in garter st or st st rather than the kidsilk (which is 2ply) doubled with loopy stitching in it?
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    Hi indri, Your work is too good. All r good but I like most the green musk, world map, ear-ring, fairy etc. Well done.