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  • Felting Help!!

    Hello all

    i hope there is someone that can help me with my felted bear.....

    i am new to this and have managed to get the right shape for my bear but he doesn't feel very solid and is very wispy!!!! is he supposed to be like that?

    i'll try and post a picture

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    Hi Bizy, when felting the finished piece should feel firm about like a tennis ball. If it's a bit on the soft side, then you need to felt it a bit more. If it already has the shape you want, a bit of softness won't hurt it at all, so long as it seems to be holding it's shape well.

    I felt my pieces until they are firm, but I do know some felters who do "softish" items.
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      If you have the shape you want and find that your bear is still too soft, and fuzzy you need to keep felting to firm them up. All that will happen is the part you are working on will become slightly smaller (but will retain the shape) If when it is firm enough you think it is smaller than you wanted all you need to do is add more wool. For example you are felting a bears leg. It is nice and firm but a wee bit smaller than you wanted. Take a small piece if wool and wrap it around the leg then felt it in... i hope ihave explained that ok.


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        How are you getting on?