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  • Knitting Lessons in Hertfordshire


    Does anyone know of anywhere I could have / anyone giving knitting classes in the Herts area? I have looked on google but cannot seem to find any listed.


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    classes in Hemel...


    You don't mention where in Herts you are but I know that Needlecraft in Hemel Hempstead run knitting classes on Thursday evenings from 6-7.30.


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      Knitting Group in Baldock Hertfordshire.

      I noticed on the wool-n-things website that there is a knitting group in Baldock called KTOG that maybe of use to you as well.

      Go into GOOGLE and search for wool-n-things in Baldock
      Go to wool-n-things website,
      Click on the link option at the top of the website and then on the KTOG option. This will take you to the Knitting group in Baldock.

      Happy knitting.


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        knitting lessons in Baldock Hertfordshire

        Quick update, Wool-n-Things are starting knitting lessons in Baldock Hertfordshire.
        Contact number 01462 612889 ( shop number )



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          wool-n-things in baldock are starting knitting classes in sept . there are for begginers but in the future wil be more for more experinced knitters. visit there web site for contact detailsl


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            I can't believe that there are such things as knitting classes (Its my age again). We all learnt to knit at Moms or Grandma's knee. If not there some member of the family would oblige the request from a child. I know modern day kids won't wear hand knitteds so it must be true, the art of knitting is dying out slowly. Is't it sad that this does not happen anymore.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Knitting lessons in Hertfordshire wool-n-things

              The traditional crafts of knitting were usually handed down within families from Mother to Daughter but in many cases these days these skills are either self taught or obtained from other people. Its sad to see these crafts falling to the wayside but there are still people who are interested and believe that these crafts should survive and flourish.As you have seen I always praise my local Wool Shop, wool-n-things In Baldock Hertfordshire SG7 6AL. They are always so helpful and understanding, I saw them casting on stitches for one lady the other week who had problems regarding a pattern that she was working from when I visited the shop and that was while they where helping other customers with their purchases. I know that many of the larger Hobby Stores may look attractive and inviting but you ask the assistants how to cast on or off and they will look at you blank faced.The family that work within the wool-n-things shop are always helpful and will always help with advice if required. I am posting this to let you know that during September / October 2008 wool-n-things will be updating their current website home page to include an on line store and other new services. The Breast Cancer Knit a scarf was promoted in their shop and customers have taken part to support this worthy cause. There are knitting lessons being held in the evenings during September at the shop, vouchers are available for that little gift you may have in mind and further classes are being planned. There are also plans to introduce craft lessons and surgeries. I love the shop and always try to promote them as I think they deserve support. If you want to contact them then email at [email protected] I will be in there on Saturday for my regular dose of Wool and Patterns, maybe I might see you in there.

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                classes / offers / new website / mailing list / wool-n-things Baldock Herts.

                wool-n-things in Baldock, Hertfordshire, ( Wool Shop ) have launched their new website and you can join their mailing list for offers,news and classes that are being held locally to the shop.

                Go to Google and search for wool-n-things baldock

                When you get to the wool-n-things website click on contact us to access the mailing list.
                Its free no obligation.

                Just trying to help a local wool shop that has nearly reached its first Birthday in business.
                Have a look at the Jenny Chant Breast Cancer World record scalf attempt in the wool-n-things links section while you are on the site it makes pretty interesting reading.
                Back to my knitting,


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                  knitting &craft club

                  wool-n-things baldock now have a craft night each week on tuesdays all welcome. call for details. its great fun


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                    Wool lessons in Hertfordshire

                    I am giving knitting lessons in Herfordshire. My number is 07903 844 766 please feel free to call me anytime to get more information

                    Kind regards


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                      knitting lessons

                      Yes I can teach you to knit!
                      I run regular workshops for beginners and 'rusty' knitters in Harpendnen Hertfordshire and am willing to travel to do Saturday workshops in your home for six people. Please feel free to contact me on 01582 622301 if you would like more information.


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                        Knitting lessons

                        You could join our Stitch 'n' Bitch knitting group in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. We meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 7pm at The Crocodile, College Road, Cheshunt EN8 9NQ. It's FREE - all levels welcome.

                        You can just turn up but if you would like further information please visit the Stitch n Bitch website or email Sarah and Christa at [email protected].


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                          This thread is 2 years old. I would imagine she has managed to learn to knit by now.
                          God helps them that help themselves.