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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to advertise the items I am selling?

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  • Does anyone have any suggestions on how to advertise the items I am selling?

    I have various crochet items for sale including brooches, bookmarks and mobile phone socks. I have advertised them on my blog but it gets hardly any visitors and am wondering how else I can try to sell them. I did a table top sale today and made a £3.60 loss once I took out the price of the table hire. I'm not sure where else I can try to sell my items or whether they just aren't the sort of thing people want to buy. I have booked a table at a craft fair in a couple of weeks, but wonder if it is a waste of time as it costs £15 and I would have to sell a lot to make any money at all. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    A lot of people find setting up a PAGE on Face Book is very successful (if you like FB it may be worth doing)
    I looked at your Blog and I can't see a FOLLOW button on it; you should add one.
    List on CRAFTJUICE.
    As a crocheter (and knitter?) you should use ******* as it's a wonderful resource and there are lots of groups you could join in with.

    Selling anything online is NOT easy. You need to constantly drive people to your site whether that's an online shop such as ETSY, FOLKSY, etc, or your Blog, or even a website. The chances of anyone just happening upon your work is tiny, tiny, tiny. Keep at it and work on your skills constantly too. We can all see how much we have improved our craft skills over the years when we look back and can shudder when we see what we were offering for sale in the early days.
    Good Luck and have fun!
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      Try Folksy. It's not too expensive and there's a good forum where you can talk about your shop [and lots of other things too!]. And add your blog and shop addresses in the signature of all your forum profiles - I've looked for a link to your blog just now but couldn't find it.

      You do have to keep bashing away, it's not easy selling stuff in a recession, so don't get downhearted.
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