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    I learned to crochet several years ago and managed to forget it all ! However I went to a craft class on Friday and learnt it all again. I have spent lots of time this weekend practicing different techniques and learning new things.

    I am finding that my right hand is getting a little stiff - I just have standard hooks at the moment but have been looking at the comfort grip type ones, however there seems to be so many different types I wondered if anyone had used them and if so what was recommended or best avoided.

    I don't think there is anywhere nearby which sells them for me to go and have a look so will probably be ordering online (shop recommendations would be good too !)



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    I can't help with the crochet hooks, but my hands hurt if I haven't knitted for awhile and then after a few days of knitting my hands stop aching! I just wanted you to know that you do not suffer alone!
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      If you PM me as larger, thicker hooks are something I make and I may be able to help

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        Maybe try with a larger hook? I tend to crochet with a larger hook and its much more "hand-friendly" than the fiddly small ones.
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          I saw a tutorial somewhere on uTube where a lady was using a crochet hook with a smooth rounded wooden handle (bit hard to explain). Looked very comfortable. I'll see if I can find it


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            Hi, I have converted to clover soft grip. I find them quite comfortable to use. They only go up to 6mm max and they are not expensive at around £3 ish. Good luck finding something suitable.


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              I'm experimenting with an Addi Swing at the moment, and like it very much. It took a bit of getting used to the short metal hook end as I tend to 'stab' quite deep as I work, but the ergonomic design is definitely a good thing for my rsi damaged hands.


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                doing regular hand exercise to limber up before crafting helps,as i have the same problems with my right wrist..