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Advice needed on using a lace carriage on Toyota knitting machine

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  • Advice needed on using a lace carriage on Toyota knitting machine

    Hi Everyone,

    Gosh, has been some time since I've been on the forum - nice to see what everyone has been up to!

    Change of job has left me little time to do my jewellery, but I have recently taken up machine knitting. A very nice lady on Freecycle kindly gave me her Toyota knitting machine and I have managed to obtain a lace carriage on Ebay. Had a play with it yesterday but with very limited success. Lace carriage kept getting jammed after a few passes. When it did work it the result was great - so I am determined to persevere - but kept having to take the work off and unravel the yarn to start again. Was working in pure cashmere so not chuffed.

    Has anyone any suggestions that might get things running more smoothly?

    I'm going to try ...
    • Giving it another clean - it hadn't been used for ages and while I cleaned it when I got it, and it is running fine for plain knitting, I think I'll see if I can strip it down and get it running more smoothly. (Advice is to use surgical spirit, but does anyone know if methylated or white spirit will do the same job?)

    • Making the tension looser - there's a lot of moving of stitches to be done by the lace carriage so, although I did change the tension as recommended in the manual, perhaps I just didn't give it enough slack to work effectively.

    • Practising with cheaper wool!!!

    If anyone out there has any other top tips, I'd love to hear from them.

    Kind regards,
    Regards, Carol

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    Hi Carol
    Some thoughts on Toyota machines - it depends on what model you have. Is the lace carriage actually for your machine because some models - don't know which offhand - passed the lace stitches backwards to the direction of the lace carriage. Are the lace punchcards for your machine - reason as before. Have you weighted the work enough? You do need some weight on there to transfer the stitches and hold them onto the new needles.
    For cleaning I would make the effort and get surgical spirit - it's clear and doesn't leave any residue.
    I would always practice a new technique on 4 ply acrylic first so I don't make expensive mistakes!

    Hope this helps and good luck.


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      I'm a machine knitter but am a Brother user rather than a Toyota user but I see there is this group on Yahoo which you may be interested in joining;
      ~ Rachael
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