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Does any one get fed up

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  • Does any one get fed up

    with a project?

    I've just spent 3 days crocheting around 20 mixed knitted squares, and then crocheting them to gether. (it took me ages to decide what to with them as they are squares knitted from ends of balls of yarn from a few years ago).

    I got very fed up with them I don't know if it was because I just wanted to use them up and instead of siting back and enjoying the crochet I just saw it as something I had to get done telling myself just get this finished then you can do something else. So it became a chore

    Now they are all crocheted together it feels like a weights been lifted, however I now have to buy some more cream and brown yarn to edge the throw.

    I think I require some encouragement to complete this particular project.
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    You know you'll be fine, a success, wonderful, yay!
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      Yes, you can do it, you can do it!!

      Maybe only work on it when you have something great to "watch" on tv...a show or a dvd...or put on some fave music. Only allow yourself to work on it for 10 minutes and then you have to go out and enjoy the beautiful day. Or eat chocolate after the 10 minutes. But don't work on it longer...make yourself walk away from it for at least an hour.

      You can do it, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!!!!!


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        Before Christmas I was absolutely whacked with crafting and could have chucked the whole lot out the window. But it soon passed and I'm now enjoying getting back into it again. Nothing worthwhile is easy so stick with it. But it might also be worth having a break from it, unless you're working to a deadline. Whatever you do, don't give up. It'll be fantastic when it's done.



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          Thank you ladies for the encouragment.

          I have it all laid out on the dining table in my conservatory and after siting and just looking at it for about 20minutes I've decided to nip into town in the morning to obtain the rest of the yarn I require to edge it. I'm also going to knit and crochet some flowers and leaves to applique to it.

          I don't think I will keep it though I think I'll pop it into my shop once completed.
          So many projects, so little time



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            You will get there but agree if I have to wait for delivery of certain items to complete a project by the time those parts turn up have moved on and find it very hard to step back and complete. Hence a lot of unfinished projects that I had determined to finish in 2013 now don't laugh well okay go ahead all part of a creative brain so you are not alone.


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              Motivation, yay! I sometimes get to the point where I have to put a project aside and concentrate on something totally different. I come back to everything eventually though. Every new year I now write a project list for the year for me to attempt. Last year I did quite well. I love the feeling of crossing things off the list.
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                Well after popping into the yarn shop one of the yarns I require is out of stock. The lady has added it to her next order and will ring me when it arrives. So it's now on hold untill the yarns arrived.

                I have therefore move onto the the next item on my list an on going commission, every month I have a customer who requires' a certian number of cases I crochet.
                So many projects, so little time




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                  Very good - a forced vacation form the project. Put it completely out of mind for now!