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I'm going to learn how to crochet!

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  • I'm going to learn how to crochet!

    I would love some advice for an absolute beginner. I have found a fantastic guide online but there are so many hooks and yarns etc. I'd love to know what everyone else did when they started and how easy you found it, or hard for that matter.

    Thank you so so so much.


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    Hi ive just recently learnt to crochet tried for years to learn it from books, dvd, internet but to no joy. So i enrolled on a 7 week course with the local college and now i can crochet. Originally i had an odd hook or two to try with but just couldn't grasp the concept of how to crochet. Brought a dvd and book and a whole set of hook and still couldn't manage it. i would say for starters that you will only need a few hooks possibly size 4.5, 4.75, 5. i learnt with no 5 as otherwise my tension was all wrong. i also found that being physically shown was a lot easier than trying to fatham it out from a book or dvd or even utube. Good thing was my tutor was left handed and so am i which made it easier. Hth


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      I started learning from a book. Impossible - the terminology used by the author and the illustrations were terrible.

      This year I decided to try again, and looked on YouTube. There are some good videos there (as well as some terrible ones!). Personally, I found the Curtzy Crochet series of YouTube Videos very useful. If I had the right size needle I'm sure I'd be crocheting like crazy.

      The videos can be found here:

      Good Luck

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