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  • Crochet: Video Tutorials

    Whilst looking for information on how to crochet, I came across this series on YouTube from Curtzy Crochet:

    There are 32 videos in all. The presenter, Mikey, makes things very simple. In the space of four videos I've learned why I've only managed to crochet triangles and not squares!

    Hope the videos help others.

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    Thanks to share this with us, I'll try to improve my crochet skills as well.


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      I think you tube is great when learning crochet, and a series like this for total beginners are just perfect.Although I could crochet I had not really followed any proper patterns ,usually just making my own.I have just managed to complete a crochet baby cardi just by simply watching a you tube video.
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        I have learned more from watching just a couple of those videos than I have done in the last 20 years - when I first dipped my toes into the world of crochet.

        It would be better though if the UK terms were used throughout the videos... Nevertheless, I picked up a crochet magazine today (it came with a crochet hook and 6 balls of yarn - the real reason for me buying it!) and it has the UK terms with explanations in clearly illustrated in it. Very pleasing that I could understand most of what was written in the magazine.

        Thank you YouTube (and Michael Sellick)!

        ~~The old ways are the future~~