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  • help understanding crochet patterns

    hi,I am new to crochet and have been using YouTube to learn basic stitches but know want to try some of the beautiful patterns around.I have knitted for many years so uunderstand the basics of following a pattern but they all confuse me right from the start. does anyone have any tips please

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    I'm in a similar situation as you. Earlier today I fished out a crochet book that has been lying around for a long time, and discovered something very important for those of us in the UK. The terminology used in the USA is different from the UK (At least, according to my 1984 published book there is a difference).

    I shall type up the differences and post in a few moments...
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      I've always found the most tedious part to be the first I use a knit cast on, rather than a chain.

      So what's the pattern you're using right now, and what exactly is muddling you? What's the first road block?


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        hi,yeah have seen that too,it's just the whole thing I find confusing,how they are laid out,the abbreviations,the whole thing.I could really do with a nice lady sat next to me and talking me through it.but I don' t know anyone who crochets.


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          and do I always crochet under the two little strands or is it into the gap between stitches?


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            You are right in assuming that our stitch names vary from USA. I can't remember which way it goes but the series of stitch names either move on one or down one. i.e. a d.c. in one is a c in another. We have some avid crochetters on here who will be able to put you right and will be on prob. now Christmas is nearly over. Just hang around and wait, it will happen.
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              thank- you,I am new to forums too so hope I can find my way back again!lol . Will check in again . x


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                OK, I've made a pdf file with the abbreviations for you.

                Hope it helps.


                PS I hope you can see it in this post. I can't see it until I have posted the message. Hm....
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                  I can't make sense of the diagrams either, I find the written instructions and a really good close look at the pictures of the finished articles are easier for me.

                  Most patterns - even the most complicated ones - are a combination of single, double, treble and chain stitches, and they are all interchangeable so a treble can take the place of a double making a difference in the height but without making a difference to the width of the item. Putting in extra stitches will increase the width, curve pieces or put a wave in a straight item and vice versa if you miss stitches. A lot of the patterns also use a combination of increasing and decreasing along the row.

                  The USA is always one down from us so their single is our double and their double is our treble etc. so it would be better to start with the one you have learnt before trying the USA patterns.

                  I usually crochet under the two little strands as crocheting between the stitches will leave a slight gap in the row beneath.

                  If you get really stuck try contacting your local WI, ladies group or craft shop as there is usually someone there or someone they know who would be willing to help teach you.



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                    thank- you for your wonderful responses.WI what a fantastic idea,will look into that do for


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                      I have the same problem I don't understand crochet patterns at all.

                      I have all the stitches but I don't know what they are all called as I was shown as a child by two elderly sisters come back from the mission field in china.

                      I have to make everything I crochet up from scratch. I do know that granny square's you crochet in the gaps not into the top of the previous row of stitches but that's all I really know. I know what double V clusters are but only because a lovely elderly spanish lady told me the term for what I was crocheting last december.

                      Untill I read a post on another forum I didn't know that there was a difference between american and english terms for crochet stitches.
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                        For Aisles
                        A quick run down of stitches assuming you have one loop on the hook and starting with a chain cast on are:
                        Single crochet = put hook through chain (HTC) yarn round hook (YRH) and pull through both chain and loop on hook.
                        Double = HTC, YRH and pull yarn through chain. (2 loops on hook) YRH and pull through both loops on hook.
                        Treble -= YRH, HTC, YRH pull yarn through chain, (3 loops) YRH pull through 1st 2 loops on hook, YRH pull through last 2 loops on hook.
                        Double treble = YRH twice, HTC, YRH pull yarn through chain (4 loops) YRH pull through 1st 2 loops, YRH pull through next 2 loops, YRH pull through last 2 loops on hook.

                        I hope you can understand this.



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                          You should try a blog called Crochet Spot. It's all US terminology but there's great picture tutorials on there.


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                            Originally posted by silvermaid View Post
                            For Aisles
                            A quick run down of stitches assuming you have one loop on the hook and starting with a chain...
                            Thank you. I have amended my pdf and added this information. Here it is:
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