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  • crochet help please!

    I've just started teaching myself crochet and am finding it very relaxing. I'm having a bit of trouble with the tension though...I think! I'm not quite sure. At the moment I'm trying to make a scarf and am using double crochet but the end that I'm working on always seems narrower than the beginning - is this tension? How can I rectify the problem? I can stretch the wool and it all looks the same width again, is it something I can fix when I've finished by wetting the wool and laying it out to dry? I've tried loosening the threat but it still ends up the same or doesn't feel very comfortable.

    Also!!!! In my crochet book it says to use 'Coats Lyric 8/8 medium-weight cotton yarn' what does this mean? In the shops I could only Rowan wool???

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    crochet help please

    I found I was doing this after returning to crochet after a lapse of some years. I eventually discovered I was doing the turning chain stitches at the end of each row a stitch too early. Hope this is helpfull.
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      Sorry this is so late - I've only just looked at the crochet/knitting forum.
      It sounds as if the problem you are having is that you are not using a 'turning chain', or, as slackstitches says, turning too early. Make sure that you put a stitch into the very last stitch of the previous row.

      If you are doing double crochet, you need to do one or two chain stitches at the end of each row - see what the pattern says -, then turn your work to work back. The two chain gives you the 'step up' you need, and replaces the first double crochet of your next row.

      Your pattern should say something like, one double crochet into each stitch to end, two chain, turn.

      If you count your row stitches you may find that you have one less on each row as you get further and further up your scarf. That is why your work is getting narrower and narrower, and no, it won't stretch out.

      The yarn you mention is a specific one for the pattern - try googling it to see if you can find a local stockist. If you're using an old pattern it may not exist any more!

      If you move on to treble crochet, your turning chains need to be three in number: quadruple crochet is four.