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Hello from Edinburgh... Introduce yourself.. :)

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  • Hello from Edinburgh... Introduce yourself.. :)

    Hi, I'm Jacob,

    I'm currently studying Design in Edinburgh, Scotland and have been asked to do a presentation on knitting.
    Me and two others have been researching knitting over the last week or so, and have even started ourselves, think were hooked already !!

    We've made an account on here to talk to knitters and we're looking forward to delving deeper into the world of wool.

    Hope you don't see this as spam, but as a group of people wanting to learn more about knitting.

    Thank you,


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    Okay, so you have learned to knit - what are you three working on? Do you have to demonstrate knitting while you make your presentation? That would be fun - to sit there knitting while you talk...


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      HI Jacob and co. welcome to the forum. I'm a jeweller by craft but I dable in knitting and at the moment I'm knitting with Rico can can yarn, it makes incredible scarves very quickly. this shows you what it is.
      Handmade jewellery, to buy gifts or just to treat yourself visit my website, commissions welcome or join me on facebook for a chat


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        Hi Jacob

        to the forum and yes, knitting is definitely addictive, so prepared to become well and truly hooked! I started knitting in October 2010 and love it, I find it really relaxing.

        Enjoy the forum,


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          Hi! I'm currently making a toy for my daughter for Christmas. She loves Humf, and then I found a Humf knitting pattern. I've started stitching the pieces together, but it is going to be 13" tall so is taking some time. I've knitted 3 scarves for Christmas presents using different yarns so I wouldn't get bored of making the same thing for everybody!
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            Welcome to the world of knitting , i have been knitting since the age of 8. love it to bits now in my fifty,s ? hope you enjoy your course


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              Hi and welcome to you all. Do you have specific questions you want to ask? Have you already gone down the road of how theraputic knitting is, are you just researching yarns/wool? Patterns? The very broad spectrum of items which can be produced by knitting? etc., We do have some very knowledgeable members so do 'ask the questions'.
              God helps them that help themselves.