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machine wash substitions for rowan purelife oranic dk

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  • machine wash substitions for rowan purelife oranic dk

    Hi all

    I've got 3 or 4 pattern books for Rowan's purelife wool. I find the designs gorgous but the wool a bit beyond my pocket. I also don't like to hand wash jumpers. could any one suggest a machine washable double knit that I can substitute, I have a good Sirdar stockist close to where I live so I should be able to easily get hold of anything from that range.

    I'm good at knitting but I've never tried swapping diffent wool's to patterns.


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    I'm the opposite - I hardly ever use the exact style of wool named in the pattern. I go on the premise of tension rather than yarn type. So long as they don't use fashion.yarns (eg pom-pom) any DK should be fine and Sirdar is one of my preffered brands. Just check your tension and you should be fine.


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      Hi Anita I substitute yarns all the time, like Angi says tension is the key thing to worry about. Because all yarns are different, ie. 50g of one yarn may weigh 50g but the length of yarn you get for your 50g may differ, I use a yarn calculator. There are lots of these online, just type in yarn calculator, and take a look for one that suits you. You then type in the details of what you want to make, how many balls your pattern says, what size you want to make click on calculate and voila it converts for you. Although its only a rough guide if you are using up yarn in your stash, you don't really want to end up 1 ball short.

      Hope this helps



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        Hi Anita.
        Not sure if this is allowed as I only just joined but Black Sheep Wools (won't link just in case) have Rowan Purelife DK on offer at the minute for £1.50 a skein. Limited stock online although more available in the store or if you ring them maybe? Only know this because I'm fairly local (well as local as you need be to visit a good yarn store lol) and picked up 20 skeins in assorted colours last week and might pop along to see what's left in a day or two. I have thoughts of a big organic wool throw to snuggle up in as the weather gets colder......although this might be next winter rather than this with the list of projects I have on the go!