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  • Knitting with Newspaper...

    Been sent this link and thought I would share

    Looks like fun, may give it a try during the school holidays, the kids will love cutting out the strips of paper.


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    How intriguing! Great site, too.


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      Quite possibly an interesting idea to take to my primary teacher training - thanks!
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        It's given me some ideas.... I have varnish....
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          Ok, so you spin then weave, then make something from your newspaper yarn....but can you wash it? Or take it out in the rain......Is that why Steph is stiocking up on varnish?????


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            I'm thinking of re-weaving/plaiting it, I thought of a box section effect, like you fold christmas decorations (in the olden times when all you got was crepe paper) then varnishing it and using it as handles.....
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              do you know of a good place to get a spindle and do you have to have a certain type of spindle please


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                A drop spindle is what you want...and I think Pete and maybe a couple other members make them.


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                  I hope the ink doesn't rub off on you after you've knitted with it (or during the knitting process. Anyone up for ironing the newspaper first?
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                    I'd have jumped up and down to sell you one but I sold my last one a couple of weeks ago to the sweetest little 10 year old girl from the woolshed at Kentwell . I tried to put her off as it was a really light one and I thought it would start spinning back on her undoing her work. I wouldn't let her pay for it until she'd tried it out. Next day she came back beaming saying it was perfect and showing me the finest spun thread (almost) ever seen.

                    Where to get your drop spindle? You want to be exploring spinning and weaving sites, reenactor sites and woodturner sites. If you type drop spindles into Google and search in Images you'll see there's a fantastic variety of shape and quality.
                    Watch out for silly prices. Mine have been selling for £5 each. That's dirt cheap. P & M Woolcraft who are usually middle of the road spinny suppliers are selling them for £13.
                    George Weil/Fibrecrafts have them from £10 to £25.
                    Must say mine and Pete's look prettier. As do Debbie's


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                      I've got my nephew staying with me this summer holiday and this is a great idea to keep him busy!!




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                        is really a nice idea, I had never seen, thanks for sharing this link