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    As some of you kight know from my blog, mini galls number 2 is due in a couple of weeks. We pulled our hair out thinking of presents that the new baby could give to my eldest and that she could give in return to the baby. In the end we decided to get them both teddies from build a bear workshop that (in theory) will be special bears from each pther to each pther and hopefully something they can keep. (i know, i am very optimistic knowing how quickly kids go off things!) they are matching bears (ice cream bears if anyone has seen them) and my daughter chose the one for the baby, and named it, herself.

    I want the girls (i am having anpther girl) to enjoy these bears for longer than 5 mins! And thought it kight be a good way to inteoduce them to crafting at some point too making clothes and maybe tiny toys as well. Plus, of course, they are expensive to buy! So I've had a bit of a bimble around the internet but can't really find anything and wondered if anyone has any advice where i can look for patterns etc. I'm not a great seamstress (understatement!) and an adequate knitter but want to try! They are 15in tall. Apparwntly i have ro make a hat and scarf first but thought a hat for a prem baby would be ok! Any advice gratefully received!

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    My wesbite has lots of this theme on it, if you have a look you'll see the kind of things I do. I have hundreds of patterns for teddies and one of my favs is a hoody type which is really quick and easy to do. If you want a scanned copy let me know.

    Congrats on the imminent arrival
    We dress the same so we look like twins!


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      Congratulations on your "upcoming event!" Hope it all goes smoothly and quickly!

      I think your teddy bear idea, and the clothes, is a wonderful idea!! What about knitting a baby teddy bear for each of them?


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        The best thing I found when doing this with my two girls was to make sure you used non-fray fabrics such as felt to make things as simple as possible.
        My youngest's teddy needed clothes as she loved him to bits - literally!!!
        CatkinJane - Handmade Material Things


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          Thanks for the suggestions. I've seen some clothesmon ebay which aren't so expensive so that might be a port of call as well. Have to say so far i am impressed, 5 days in and my daughter hasn't ditched her tedd yet!