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  • How old were you?

    ...when you started knitting/crocheting?
    I can't remember how old I was when I started knitting. I don't recall actually being taught but I know my mum taught me, and sometimes my gran too.
    The reason I'm asking is because my daughter shows a huge interest in whatever I'm doing and i am wondering at what age i should start teaching her. She is only 2 1/2 atm and really does not have the comcentration or dexterity obviously. I do let her sit on my knee when I'm knitting or crocheting and tell her what I'm doing (not that she starys there long!) and i want at some point to give her her own stuff. Any experience of teaching youngsters would be gratefully received!

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    I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I could cast on, knit, purl and cast off before I went to school at the age of 4 - my Mother was a superb knitter and dressmaker. My Father made me some child sized knitting needles so I didn't have to struggle with adult sized stuff.

    Crochet I didn't learn until I was about 10 or 11 - not a skill my Mother had but our next door neighbour taught me the basics.



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      My Mother got me started at about 3, if she is showing an interest then give her something to have a go at, never too young to learn


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        I honestly can't remember actually learning to knit. Probably like your little one, I sat on someones knee and held the pins with them from time to time. Its a lovely way to learn all these things, very natural. We all learn by being involved don't we. She will be a grand little crafter before long at this rate.
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          You're not wrong Carol! She loves making cards and painting, 'cooking' with her playdoh and we bake as well. I try and let her have messy play and am planning on having a go at papier mache with her soon too. I have bought her a couple of children's craft books when she's a little older as well.
          I think i will let her carry on as she is for now and maybe a little knitting bag and yarn and needles may be an idea for a birthday present.
          Thanks ladies x


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            I think I was also under 4 when I started, my nan use to spend hours with me showing me what to do. I would definately give her a go at it especailly seeing that she seems very "crafty" with all the other things you do with her.

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              I know I was preschool when my nan taught me to knit, my mum is left-handed and thought it better that I learnt from a right-handed knitter. I discovered crochet when I was about 7 from a book, I loved to read anything.
              I do remember doing french knitting as a child too, my mum put nails in an old wooden cotton reel and you weave the wool around the nails. My mum used the braids on the clothes she knitted for us. It creates lovely long tubes that we could use as bracelets or necklaces.
              I would let her have a go whilst you are watching her and helping if she wants to try.
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                Originally posted by Galls View Post
                She is only 2 1/2 atm and really does not have the comcentration or dexterity obviously...Any experience of teaching youngsters would be gratefully received!
                If she's showing an interest, I would start her off with finger knitting at this age or in fact any age up to about 5 or so.

                Very easy, costs nothing but a bit of wool and no need for handling needles or struggling to find child-size needles and their subsequent loss, and there are heaps of videos and written instructions if you just google finger knitting. it can be done anywhere any time and is a great quiet-but-busy occupation which you can have with you anywhere you can take a little ball of wool.


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                  I don't remember how old I was when my mum taught me to knit.

                  However, I don't think a child can be too young - if they show an interest then they're old enough!

                  When my grand-daughter was three, she would sit on my lap and 'help' me knit a scarf for her teddy. Gradually she would take over more and more until the time came when she could do it herself at about age four.
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