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  • Tatting

    Don't know if this is the right forum for it.
    Have been seeing a few lonks to tatting recently. Anyone got any experience? I've always looked in awe at people who can make lace etc but thought it was a dying craft. It seems i might be wrong? Is it as fiddly and complicated as it looks?

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    Oooo. So have I. I've always wanted to have a go. I believe its a very spe c i a l i sed craft and the bobbins used can cost a small fortune.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Several of us homeschool moms used to sit around knitting at chess club, but there was one dad who was amazing and I have always been intimidated by it.

      HOWEVER, I used to feel the same way when I saw anyone knitting socks with four DP needles and I finally learned how to do maybe it's just a mindset we must overcome some day! Yoiks... or maybe not...

      I have a couple of treasured snowflake ornaments for our Christmas tree that were tatted by my great aunt. They are beautiful.


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        I've seen the bobbins on ebay for a reasonable amount. I am sorely tempted to have a go but not sure if i can justify taking up another craft just at the mo..... I may have to have a trip into town this week and see if i can find a book in the charity shop.....


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          Don't forget the public library! They can even get books for you from another library location, if they don't have what you want.


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            You don't use bobbins for tatting. You use a tatting shuttle which can cost as little as 50p. Tatting consists of basically two stitches and the knack is in getting the stitch to 'jump'.

            I've tatted for several years now. If anyone wants to learn I suggest they get in touch with The Ring Of Tatters who keep a list of their members who are willing to teach. It can be very tricky and frustrating when you are learning but its worth persisting with.


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              tatting is having a revivial.. a lot of it i think is to do with the internet. however many of the older generation who have all the skills and experience do not use the internet and so unless they pass on their knowledge it dies with them. However the In Tatters forum recently did a poll and there are are huge number of "youngsters" like me who have taken up tatting recently. Tatting is no longer about just doilies, you can made stunning jewellery and incorporate beads and there is also celtic tatting which is stunning to look at.

              it does look intimidating, especially when you see how fast these ladies work but once you get the hang for forming the stitches and the infamous "flip" you can easily make wonderful things with just the basic rings and chains.

              It is also a very cheap hobby.. all you need is a shuttle or two (which you can buy from Hobby Craft) and some crochet cotton and you are on your way. it is also much more portable than other hobbies, even knitting!!

              It is by far my favourite thing to do.