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Trying to learn how to knit, can anyone help me?

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  • Trying to learn how to knit, can anyone help me?

    ey everyone, I've decided to take up knitting as a hobby. I have a pair of 4mm knitting needles and some wool called marshmallow wool (it's got bobbles with a thin bit of wool joining each bobble). It's fairly new so I can't find much on the internet about it.

    It's used to make a scarf and the guy at the shop said it was really easy to use and popular at the moment. Just one roll to make the whole scarf so ideal for beginners, it also has the instructions on the underside of the cardboard.

    So far I think I've managed to learn the garter stitch, the one you're meant to use. I first loop the wool onto the left needle by twisting the gap inbetween the bobbles twice and then looping that loop onto the needle, I repeat this 6 or 7 times so I have a decent sized row of loops. I then get the right needle and insert it into the loop on the left, so that the right needle sits under the left. I will then loop some of the wool in an anti-clockwise direction over the right needle, and then pull the right needle back so that the new stitch falls onto the right needle, then I move the right so its on top of the left, then pull the right along the left until the entire loop/stitch falls off the left needle and then I repeat. Eventually all 6-7 stitches start I started off with on the left needle are now on the right needle.

    Then I have to repeat. I often end up getting tangled as the wool hanging down gets tangled or ends up on the wrong side if I managed to repeat the whole thing again so I end up having the stitches hanging on the left needle (like how I started), it looks exactly the same. Surely as I go I'm meant to see some progress! What am I missing here? I'm just swapping stitches from one needle to the other.

    Thanks, please help asap cause I'm getting really frustrated now.

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    Haha! You sound just like me. I was never been able to knit until I found myself sat amongst 26 six year olds in a craft lesson as a TA in a Primary School once, with about 15 of them holding up a few scraggy rows of 'knitting' pleading with me to help them untangle their 'scarves'! I had to confess that I didn't know a thing about knitting and the next minute I found myself learning how to cast on a few stitches, within half an hour with a little help from my classmates I was away! Is it Dorling Kinglsey? They do a great book on how to knit, get hold of that and maybe just get some plain boring wool to start off with, I think that bobble wool is awful for someone who is just learning to knit because you can't see the stitches very well and just get in a right mess! Get some nice thick wool then your knitting will grow in no time and make you feel you are doing a wonderful job!

    Wishing you the best of luck!

    There are some great tutorials on Youtube for knitting.
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      Welcome to the forum. Lovely to see you here.
      There are lots of tuitions on Utube. Another possibility is do you have a local Age UK drop in centre where they have a club called "The Big Knit". It is a national thing so you will have one in your local town. The older ladies there will be so pleased to teach you to knit.
      You are trying to learn with the wrong kind of wool too. Just get yourself some ordinary wool to learn on.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Thank you for the advice both of you! I've been looking around on youtube, does anyone know of some videos that are really good?

        So basically I should get some ordinary wool. What type should I get? There's a really good shop near me which just sells knitting/sewing equipment and wool (where I got my stuff from) but the guy admitted he knew nothing about knitting himself, and it was his wife who knows what shes doing and she's in tomorrow afternoon if I want to ask her questions.

        There is an Age UK shop near me also, I'll pop in tomorrow on my way back to the knitting shop when I go and buy some basic wool.


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          The Age Concern shop will tell you if there is a drop-in centre nearby. As for wool, I would say Double knitting or Chunky but not one with lumps and bumps in. lol.
          God helps them that help themselves.


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            Okay thank you lol so why is it then that I'm not progressing as I do each stitch and I'm just swapping from one to the other? Where am I going wrong?


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              I can't really advise with knitting as it is something I need to re-learn (could do it as a child but not tried since) but there are lots of basic tutorials on Youtube, just search for kntting tutorials and find one you get on with.

              But when learning to crochet I stuck to dk wool as it was so easy to use. And made a blanket...I am not brillianta nd cannot get the hang of patterns but do make a lot of stuff and taught myself how to do it. Just keep practising and you will get there x


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                basically as you have one needle slotted through the loop on the other needle you wrap the wool around it and bring the old loop over the new loop, the old loop gets dropped off the needle and so the piece of knitting gets bigger, I'm sure you could google knitting tutorial or look on youtube for a tutorial, a visual demonstration is far better than a verbal one
                But deff as said above, a cheap ball of double knit would be much easier to learn how to do garter stitch on, you should be able to pick one up for about £1!
                Another suggestion is go to your local library and see if they have any books that have basic knitting techniques in. Once you can get your head round how you hold needles etc. it is easy and very therapeutic
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                  LemonandLime - whereabouts are you? If you are in London of the SE, will happily meet up and talk you through it, if that would help?

                  Sometimes these innovative yarns are easier for new knitters to use, simply because you cannot wind it round your fingers... so do not despair. If I cannot get to you I will put out a shout on ********8 to get someone to help.
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