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My Aran Cable jumper finished

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  • My Aran Cable jumper finished

    Hi All,

    I've finually finsihed my dad's cable jumper which has taken me about 3 months to knit.

    Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on this pattern. The patten wasn't very clear and had to change it slightly. I have gone wrong in a few places, but you can't notice it unless I point it out. I haven't given it to my dad yet. I'm seeing him next weekend. I hope he likes it.

    What do you think?

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    Susan Bradford

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    Oh well done. It is lovely. I am doing a much simpler version. childs size at the moment so I know what effort goes into it. Every row is different. I don't think I could attempt an adult size.
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      Cool! That looks great.
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        Well done, it looks lovely. Bet you were counting and saying patterns out loud and were really pleased when you were getting to the end of the row and the right number of stitches were there!



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          That looks like a very intricate pattern! Well done for sticking with it, I hope he loves it!


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            He'll be chuffed to bits for's beautiful!

            I've knitted a number of these (similar in design) in the past and so can appreciate all the time and concentration that goes into it. WELL DONE!
            ~ Rachael
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              It's gorgeous! I know he will love it!!

              I have never done any cable stitch - I am terrified of it, so I am very impressed that you can do this, and do it so well.


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                What a brilliant job you have done on that jumper. Well done.
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                  Gave the jumper to my dad. He informs me he doesn't like the colour red! Then the next day he called me and said he loves the jumper and can see how much work I put in and will wear it! My dad's a fussy man so I used to him! He alway told me he liked the colour red, that's why I knitted it in this colour. He now informs me he only likes that colour in cars! (he is nearly 80!).
                  Susan Bradford


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                    I've also knitted cable jumpers and cardis so can really appreciate the amount of time and effort put into your jumper. sadly, due to ill health I can't do knitting like this anymore as it's just too heavy.

                    Glad your dad liked it, I'm sure the colour will grow on him as he appreciates the love put into making a jumper for him.
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