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Patchwork fabric and how to get started - help needed!

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  • Patchwork fabric and how to get started - help needed!

    Hi everyone, I've almost finsihed my first sewing project that I've been working on at my evening college course - can't believe it! Considering I hated it at first, I now cant wait to get it finished!!

    Anyand way, my brother's girlfriend is due to have a baby boy in June

    I want to make a patchwork blanket for him for his cot but I really dont know where to start. As it's half term next week, I wanted to find some fabric to take to my class and get started. The trouble is, I don't know where to find the fabric! I've heard about 'fat quarters' but I don't know what they are! I don't want to spend a fortune, does anyone know roughly how much it would cost?

    Also, what sort of other materials or kit do I need? I'm guessing it's possible to do it on a sweing machine but again I'm not sure!

    My brother's girlfriend is not fussy on what colours, I would like to do blues but I'm thinking neutrals might be better as not sure if they will decorate the room - they live in rented accommodation.

    Not entirely sure what size to do it either, I'm thinking of googling cot blankets lol

    As you can tell I've got no idea, so any help would be greatfully received!

    Many Thanks,


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    Fat quarters are a metre of fabric cut into 4 quarter squares as opposed to cut lengthways into 4 thin strips. As well as fabric you will need either wadding and backing fabric or, my prefered option, fleece fabric to back it with. I use poundstretcher type fleece blankets for backing as they are cheaper than buying the fabric. I would used either squares (mixed patterned and plains look great) or strips of fabric for a first go at patchework and sewing on a machine is the way I go! This is a recent quilt top I did for a friend's new baby:



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      I make play mats for babies, same as quilts but very washable. I get poly cotton from Dunhelms for the main colour - usually white - as its as cheap as anywhere. I back mine with polyester bt I would use fleece if I was making a cot/pram one, it makes it cuddly feeling. Decide what colours/designs you want to use, if you keep it down to two or three then you can just get a half metre of each which you can prob. get from a local market etc., and not pay a fortune. Good luck with it and don't forget pics when completed.
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        I see you have all the advice you need really so far, another thought if you are stuck on how to proceed is a visit to the Library (if you still have one!) I had help from a friend and Mum, but taught myself quite a bit with the help of books from the library.
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          Google, google, google there are lots of really lovely baby quilts out there... don't forget to show us when you are finished.