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  • Husky fur

    My daughter has just got herself a Husky dog, and after seeing what she brushed off him in in a day got me thinking
    Can you spin Husky fur?
    I have never prepped or spun wool before, so I would have to do my research on that one
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated

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    Yes, you can (although I've never tried it). I googled "spinning husky fur" and there is lots of info out there (haven't posted enough here yet to paste URLS I'm afraid, but am working on it).

    Apparently, it is easier if you blend it - certainly I found spinning alpaca (which is silky, like hair) a lot easier when blending it with another fibre. The fur needs to be at least an inch long or, according to the writer, it will shed and might be prickly.
    Also dog fur on its own will not spring back like wool after it is stretched, so he recommended blending it with 50% wool. You do need to wash it well to get out the "doggy" smell (think "essence of wet dog coming in out of the rain" LOL!).

    The article I read cites Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, Newfoundlands, Golden Retrievers, American Eskimos, Great Pyrenees and Samoyeds as having suitable fur (also any dog with a long, dense undercoat).

    I have four Maine Coon cats who seem to leave fur lying around every time they move (despite regular grooming). With cat fur, you do have to blend it, or it will "felt" (I have had to get felted cat fur out from under one of my lad's armpits with a teasing comb while it was still attached and he was less than impressed, so I can vouch for it felting! Must admit that I hadn't thought of spinning from them yet, but then I have a whole Shetland fleece and the best part of a Jacob to scour, card and spin before I get to them .

    Hope this helps

    Hugs, Pam


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      I remember hearing years ago about a lady that makes dog hair jumpers so I think it's possible as long as the hairs are long enough.
      I love huskies, a friend of mine has a malamute and he was absolutely gorgeous as a puppy, just like a big teddy bear.