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Crochet in an oval

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  • Crochet in an oval

    I want to make a rag rug with crochet (normally make them on a peg loom) but I am not really good at figuring things out via patterns etc.

    I can single stitch and make granny squares but want to make this rug in an oval shape hence why I don't want to use the peg loom.

    How do I start a single stitch crochet oval?

    Thankyou in advance

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    I'm a very gung ho maker and do end up doing a lot of unpicking to get things right but I can think of three tactics.

    1. Leant to do longer stitches (you just wind the wool an extra time round you needle. You can work an extra chain type stitch or leave it twisting round the thread you are pulling through) so you get double and treble (is that what they are called?) stitches. Then work single crochet along the straight edge of your oval, and doubles and trebles round the roundy ends.
    2 Do a chain and join it into a ring. Iimagine it like an oval. Work single crochet along the straight sides and add extra stitches as you go round the curved bit.
    3. Do a single row along the long side, go round the curve, turn round back round the curve, turn round again and carry on round onto the other straight side.

    I've thought of a fourth tactic - buy a book and follow a pattern .
    (But messing about is more fun.)


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      I would say the simplest way would be Annes third choice. That would produce a long, straight sided rug with rounded ends so at a very early stage you will have to a bit extra on the sides to make them bulge out into the oval shape. I hope we get a pic of the finished article. It sounds a bit of a challenge. What yarn are you planning to use?.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        I'm making the rug out ot of old t-shirts cut into rags.

        Thankyou for the advice was playing round with it last night and have started it and it looks oval shaped