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Attaching jointed arms and legs to knitted bear (for a baby)

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  • Attaching jointed arms and legs to knitted bear (for a baby)

    Hi there,
    I'm making my first knitted teddy bear and have made all the requisite parts to begin putting this together.

    The bear is for my sister's baby so I am avoiding attaching buttons etc on the outside and will be stitching facial features in place of attaching small parts.

    I am using the following pattern and have just noticed that it tells me to attach the jointed arms and legs in a way that would mean buttons would be on the outside of the joints:
    (Edit: sorry, won't let
    me link to page)

    I would like to joint the arms/legs but avoid using buttons on the outside the shoulders/hips (for both safety and aesthetic reasons..)

    Can anybody help with an alternative suggestion? I really want to get this finished as soon and as well as possible.

    I have pictures of the bear thus far but it won't seem to let me attach them to my post..
    Hmm, I seem to be having a lot of problems with attaching things lately....

    Thank you!