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Does anyone else do crochet?

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  • Does anyone else do crochet?

    Just wondering if anyone else likes crochet. I have been crocheting for years. I especially like fillet crochet. Interested to know if anyone else is interested also. My newest project is a burgundy and cream colored block afghan. So far it is coming along nicely. I'll probably post pictures and directions on my website when I am done.


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    i am just well in the learning process, a friend taught me donkeys years ago but i could only go in a circle lol, i have tried again, and i am now making a blanket with hundreds if squares, about 1/4 of the way to a double bed sized lol, its one of those things i pick up when i can't be bothered to sort other things out, or i do at work in my lunch half hour lol

    i can only do the one stitch so far, but would love to learn more.
    Lorna x

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      Hi all

      I crochet (and knit). I make crochet bags and throws to sell, and also make toys from time to time. I'm quite an impatient person which is one reason why I love crochet - I can see it growing very quickly!



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        I knit but of how I'd love to be abolt to crochet Will need to ook at www to see your work


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          I crochet too. For now I am only making stuffed toys or cute little things. I tried crochetting a bikini once, it came out all right but I didn't use the right type of cotton (meaning that the bikini weighed a ton once wet, not a very nice sight!!)
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            I love to crochet, I also knit, weave, spin etc, so learning to crochet was invaluable to me as a new way to use my handspun!

            I think I prefer it over knitting at times, it's easier to handle big items definately!


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              ha ya
              <<< just read my name I love to crochet all the time .i did lots of things
              will post some of my work pic one day.

              i enjey sing up for crochet along withe the others so we finsh things faster , my project baby layat as gift for my sister freind she expact to have baby by 25 this i shod go back to my cotton now .
              c u
              proud mum 0f 8 years girl ..3 boys and wife for kind lovley corgi man. .


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                I have been full of cold and feeling miserable all weekend

                So I have finally taught myself to crochet!!! (well the basic stitches) and I'm loving it!

                Have knitted from a young age, (not very well!) but never got into crochet? Anyway, I think its great! and really like the way you feel more involved with the process than with knitting. (or is that just me?)

                I will have to post a picture of my first attempt when I'm finished ... am trying to make a little purse for Emma
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                  there blueamema how do you feel now!! get will soon hun
                  i could not wite to see your finished project.
                  proud mum 0f 8 years girl ..3 boys and wife for kind lovley corgi man. .


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                    I crochet too! I tend to make smaller things, not really big projects. I have been making little purses. Fun!


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                      I crochet quite a bit!

                      I love making quick things
                      like bags and plushies and I think I may start an afghan.


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                        I like to crochet as well. I'm not that good at it yet, but i can make bear soft toys


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                          I've tried and tried to learn to crochet - I even bought myself an idiot's guide (obviously not suitable for an idiot like me!), I can do chains then it all goes pear shaped

                          I can knit basic stuff like scarves and gloves but crochet has beaten me

                          Paula xx


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                            I crochet as well. My favourite things to make are baby outfits (which usually end up on my daughter's dolls), frilly baby hats, peaked caps (which I ended up having to make for the other 6 girls in my daughter's class after she told them all I would make them one) and scarves.

                            I do plan on trying my hand at bags in the near future.

                            I've noticed that crocheted goods seem to be making a real comeback in the shops and I've found myself looking at the prices in disbelief when I think of how much I could make it myself for


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                              I crochet too!! All I have attempted are square blankets (triple stitch) which come out lovely, & im major addicted to it!!
                              A couple of days ago mum bought me a book showing different stitches for hats, blankets, bags etc so I am looking forward to sitting down & having a good read!!