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What yarn do I use for gaint granny square?

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  • What yarn do I use for gaint granny square?

    Hi I’m hoping to make a giant crochet square blanket for my mum’s birthday. I normally crochet with double knitting but am finding the colour range a bit garish and would love to make some thing subtler like the one featured on ‘the purl bee’ search in goggle ‘Joelle's Giant Granny Square’

    Does anyone have suggestions for what type of wool to use and where to get it in the UK? Xx

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    not garish

    Look at these sites - surely there's a place in the UK to get either of these brands - they have beautiful colors and I have used and loved both. I do know you can find Noro and Rowan and all sorts of wonderful yarns "over there." Try using a regular worsted weight? Or would that be too heavy, overall.

    A pretty variegated Noro blend might be really nice, worked in this pattern. Just get all the same skeins, and start crocheting away...see the lovely designs the colors make.

    The Malabrigo is exceptionally soft.


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      Well for heaven's sake - I found this - just what I wanted - a list of stores in the UK that sell Malabrigo:


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        I love granny squares. I have a couple of giant squares that my mum made over the years - one for each grandchild - and one I made myself using three rows each of various blues and turquoises with one row of cream in between. Several times I decided it was finished, used it, and then decided to add a another stripe. It's now about 1.5 metres square.



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          If double knit is no good why not go for chunky, don't understand what you mean by double knit being garish??? look at baby yarn in double knit for some lovely pastels and a lovely soft texture too
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            Hi Rill

            I had a look at the website that blanket is beautiful!

            The yarn is Koigu hand painted and it costs $13.50 (£8.26) for 50g and you need 12 which is nearly £100.

            There is and English site called Pure Purl which does the Malabrigo for £5.95 per 50g.

            I would be wary of ordering from America as anything over the value of £35 is subject to customs tax and could cost you another twenty quid or so.

            I'm sure there is someone on the forum who does hand dyed yarns. If I can find them I will get back to you.

            Alice x
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              Maybe check on Etsy for hand dyed yarn within the UK?

              I love small (maybe around 5 x 5?) granny squares done in lots of bright colors and then crocheted together in black for a very old-fashioned afghan...when they were done with scraps.


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                Loads of site for DK which is non-garish, both handspun and massproduced, natural and synthetic.

                Just a few:
                ElaineJ soap and other stuff


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                  Thanking yous

                  Thank you all very much for your help, its so frustrating not being able to ask my mum, but that would rather spoil the surprise! Ill post up a picture when its done.