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    Is anyone good at double knitting? I have just learned, and am trying to make a two color washcloth - green on one side and blue on the other, using CotLin. My but it's tedious to get started!! But it's cool, once you get going. I decided, though, to take it off and start over - make it a bit bigger and making my edges nicer...and when I pulled it off the needles, I realized that it is actually a pocket inside, except for here and there when I did something different but I don't know what. Now I'm thinking that I could double knit a soap sack - take it off the needles when almost done and slip in a bar of soap, and then put it back on the needles and bind it off...any opinions??

    It would not be a felted soap, but a soap sack that could not be refilled...hmmm...

    The reason I chose CotLin instead of my usual organic natural color cotton was to get a little more color in my table was looking a little bland. But from now on it will have a couple of my husband's cigar box guitars...that should bring in more lookers!

    I also tried some cotton chenile yarn. Talk about tedious! I learned all about something called worming...very irksome and not worth the trouble.