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Anchor thread numbers equivalent to Disney Cross Stitch Chart threads

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  • Anchor thread numbers equivalent to Disney Cross Stitch Chart threads


    I have several Winnie The Pooh Disney cross stitch kits that I have completed in the past and am therefore left with the charts and no thread. Unfortunately there are no thread reference numbers on the charts just descriptions i.e. Pale Airforce Blue. Is there a list of the equivalent numbers for Anchor that I can get hold of, as I would like to be able to do them again at some stage.

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    No colour descriptions in words but a quick Google found this:

    which is a sub-page of this

    which might help some other stitchers. I am going to bookmark that page myself.

    Here's another one

    and one that gives Madeira and DMC equivalents too

    Hope at least one of them is useful for you.



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      Designer stitches

      Oops perhaps I should have mentioned that the kits are made by 'Designer Stitches UK'


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        all the winnie pooh threads for designer stitches xx
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          All of the above links are really useful and I am going to bookmark them as well.

          Sometimes when I do a piece of work for which I have a chart but no threads to go with it, I use threads from my own collection that I have built up with some interesting results. The only problem, though, is that you have to make sure that you have enough threads of any one colour/shade to complete the piece -not always an easy thing to judge.
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