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  • Crocheting??

    Hi all. I would really love to have a go at crocheting a baby blanket for my new baby coming in september but I have never crocheted before, (I am alright at knitting lol) I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a website or book with good learning instructions as all the ones I've found seem really confusing. I have found a blanket pattern in the latest issue of simply knitting (if anyone has seen it?) and it says it uses treble crochet? Any help would be appreciated.

    Please take a look at my site and give opinions

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    Sam if you go to You Tube and search "Crochet" it's amazing what you can learn.
    Hope this helps.



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      Hi Sam!

      I learned crochet using the internet and I found this site to be very useful :

      Hope it helps you!

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        crochet instructions

        Hi Sam,
        Have a look at the crochetpatterncentral website.
        They also have loads & loads of free patterns and a sister site for knitting.
        I have spent days & days on them!
        Good Luck.


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          Hi Sam

          Try this site

          Step by step video instructions.

          If your blanket is in trebles this is a very easy stitch once you are shown how to do it and you will be surprised how much quicker it will grow than knitting.

          Good luck with it, if you need any help along the way give me a shout.

          Don't forget to post pictures when its finished.

          Alice x

          If you download US patterns their stitches are named differently to English.
          I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.


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            Hi Sam,

            I have a colleague who came to me once with exactly the same request - she wanted to make a baby blanket for her new baby niece. What I would suggest is ask around at work if someone knows how to crochet and bring some yarn and a hook to work - you can try it out during the lunch break. The thing I found is that you can look at books and videos, but if there's someone that actually shows you how to hold hands, control the yarn tension etc., it becomes much easier.

            Another thing to look out is that there are different crochet techniques - i.e. I use the Continental technique, and there is apparently a British technique. I hold the hook like a pen, but there's plenty crocheters out there that hold it in their fist, like you'd hold a knife. You don't want to get confused!


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              The best advice about how to hold the hook and yarn is simple. Hold them which ever way is comfortable to you. My mum and I hold them completely different but both get the same results.

              Also the easiest way, usually, of telling if a pattern is english or american is if it says tension or gauge. Tension is usually english. I'm used to reading both types of pattern now so I am willing to try and help if someone is struggling.
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                I recently started to crochet too.

                This is the book I brought and its really good, very easy to follow.

                Encyclopedia Crochet Techniques by Jan Eaton

                It also has the pattern for a baby blanket at the end.

                Hope this helps


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                  Please be aware when learning to crochet from the internet that there are different terms for the UK and US. Most of what you find online are US terms.

                  I have a tutorial on my site for the basic stitches all in UK terms. Sorry no videos but you can find them on Youtube if you need them.
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                    I have lot of magazines with different patterns but I usually use a chart I found it more easy to understand.