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A yarn service advertisement!?

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  • A yarn service advertisement!?

    Hi all,
    I would like to start up a home service along the lines of finding yarnies who would like to host a yarn party in their home. You know along the lines of Avon, Ann Summers and Tupperware!
    What are the protocoles for this on the Craft Forum….It is not strictly advertising my site but kinda is…But it is service which I think is lacking…I do not have any research to back this up yet but I wanted to feel out whether I could inform people in my area??
    Or at least run a pole to see if it is service people would want.
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    Myself, I would love to be invited to something like that, getting the opportunity to handle and experience different materials, inagine what I could do with them etc., but, sadly I don't think we are thick enough on the ground to make any money out of it. A lot of modern day girls dont sew and knit any more they prefer 'Ready mades', and would'nt mend any thing, just replace.
    Having said that, The time is coming when people are having to rethink that strategy so, well, maybe you could.
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      I would also love to attend a party where i could just oogle fabric all night!

      Id be in my element, maybe you need to aim your party planning towards sewing/craft clubs etc?

      you could do one to one services (local) and take swatches if you advertised it on your web you'd be aiming your goods at the interested clientele, who in turn may know other fabric mad people and get a little party going(?)

      I hope it works out for you, dont forget to make up a few samples as you need to spark off imagination (some fabrics look better when made into something)
      Good Luck!