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Knitting - Which Needles and where to buy

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  • Knitting - Which Needles and where to buy

    Hi Everyone

    I am new knitter, started about a week ago and loving it! I am expecting a baby in a few weeks and this is the only thing that is enableing me to relax (I am not very good at resting.. too active!!).

    I had a couple of questions which I hoped someone might be able to help me with:

    Bamboo or metel knitting needles... which are best? Pros / con's

    Is it a good idea to buy a set of all the different sizes or just buy the ones you need when you need them?

    Can anyone recommend a good / not too expensive supplier of wools and knitting needles? (I will search all the other threads on here as well for good suppliers!).

    Thanks so much everyone for your help


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    Hi Fran,
    I've just started learning again too (just done a post about my first project) and my teacher (aka my sister in law) said the best place to get your needles is charity shops.
    Having said that if you are only a few weeks off giving birth you won't be wanting to tramp about searching for them so I think I'd head straight for a shop that I knew sold them or be ultra lazy and buy online. I can't comment on what type I'm afraid as I'm only a novice and have only used metal ones so far. I would love to get hold of some wooden or Bamboo ones though as I like to use natural materials for all my crafts if I can. I'd be interested to see what the experienced knitters say.

    Good luck with the Birth
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      I prefer plastic or coated needles cos I can't bear that scratch sound. As for wool, Dunhelms have a very reasonable baby wool range. If you have a Wilkinsons, they sometimes have baby wool too, but charity shops are the best bet for both needles and wool - perhaps a friend will trawl them for you.
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        I think needle preference is personal, I like wood but also I have some nice plastic ones. Not keen on metal except my sparkly purple ones and thats only the colour I like them for

        If you want to try charity shops I have been told you often have to ask as they are not always allowed to display them (health and safety risk )

        Acrylic wool I tend to get from local market, nice wool you often find on ebay, got 10 balls of lovely debbie bliss soho for £14! I have also been given some from freecycle, might be worth a try if you want bits for small proojects.

        Needles I also got from ebay, large lot of bamboo circular needles and some dpns from hong kong. This has given me a big range of sizes, I dont often use the larger ones but they are there if I need them, I hate having to wait for anything! If you are more patient you probably dont need them to be there til you need them. You can knit straight on circulars but the flexy bit can be annoying if you use them a lot, ok for bits and bobs.

        I think Lets Knit magazine was on a 3 issues for £1 subscription offer recently - might be worth googling, I quite like that mag. Check you can cancel after the 3 issues if you dont want to carry on paying and then put it on your calendar! Magazines are a nice intro to knitting I think
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          Originally posted by Roseberry Crafts View Post
          Hi Fran,
          my sister in law said the best place to get your needles is charity shops.
          I'll second that! I paid only 20p/pair last year.

          I prefer metal ones for most of my work, from 2mm right up to 6.5mm. I use plastic 10 & 12mm for chunky yarns, and I have wooden ones in 8mm and 20mm. The 20mm are great for stash-busting scarves, knitting 6 strands of yarn together .. but it's like knitting with telegraph poles!

          And then there's the circulars .........

          It's horses for courses really, use what you are comfortable with, what you can afford and what suits the project you are working on.

          For the yarn, try Abakhan online or ebay

          BTW back and best wishes for your happy event
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            Personally I prefer my bamboo needles, they are lighter adn the yarn slides better.

            I bought them from a uk supplier on ebay ( got 10 pairs for about £15.00)

            Wool I prefer to buy from my local wool shop, because you can feel the texture and see the colour properly.

            Good luck with knitting and birth!
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              I much prefer bamboo needles, find them much smoother, and they seem to get smoother the more you use them. I ordered mine off ebay, I ordered a set in a range of sizes.

              Charity shops are a good source for oddments of wool, but if you want a specific type of wool (eg you want something supersoft, or chunky) then try you local wool shop. Once you get to know types of wool and different brand names you can do some internet searches to see if any of the online shops have anything on offer.

              Abakhan fabrics (knitnstichsue mentioned them in her post) have a range of wools and they often do packs on offer with good reductions.

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                Thank you so much everyone for all your help and advice. When I get some energy and dont feel like a beached whale I might pop out to the charity shops, otherwise i have found some good deals on ebay! I will also try the local craft shop for yarns as well as all the online ones you guys have recommended and I am going to looking into that magazine. So thank you all so much!

                I have just finished my first knitted piece - a little teddy bear. I am really impress with myself and think I am now hooked!!

                Fran x