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    Hi im new here . ive been cross stitching for about 7 years during that time i've done many projects large and small, from cards to pictures. At the moment i'm stitching a pic of a tiger's head which i've been working on for about 3 months now on and off .

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    Hi there,
    I too have been known to take a long time over a cross stitch. I spent years doing a huge celtic cross which now looks great on the living room wall but at the time spent too long on its frame.
    Good luck with the tiger's head - sounds intricate.
    Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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      Hi there. I LOVE cross stitching. My mother in law got me addicted. But I too take some time to finish my projects...especially if they're big ones.....I usually have two projects at the same time, a big project and a small one usually a cross stitch card and I try to switch them regularly so I won't get bored
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        Hi. I started my first ever cross stitch in February, its got frogs on it which, if I ever finish it will look more like green hippos as I keep losing where Im up to. I find it difficult to see although I wear glasses and I have a magnifying glass. My 81 year old mother is always doing them-puts me to shame. Never mind, I'll let you all know if I ever complete it.


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          hi from another cross stitcher(among other things), i have been stitching forever lol, large and small projects, and i have recently started producing my own designs.
          Lorna x

          jayniffadesigns and the tuck


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            Originally posted by Ruby-designs View Post
            I find it difficult to see although I wear glasses and I have a magnifying glass. .
            I can't overestimate the usefulness of a good lamp - I got one for Christmas, nothing special except I can angle it where I want it in the evening and it really helps me see what I'm doing.
            Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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              I do cross stiching every now and then, I'm going to look for a pattern that uses beads, I think they give a lovely effect


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                Yes, I have taken much time for certain cross-stitch projects. My nana had gotten me into cross-stitching before she passed, and after she did, I took over her last project. I finally finished it after 6 months, and now it hangs in the living room of my house. It really is beautiful. A little girl picking flowers.

                I'm currently working on one with three bears in a tub and around the border it says, "Bubbles Make Life More Bearable". It's pretty cute and I was thinking about giving it to my half-sister for her little ones to enjoy. I know she's into all that type of stuff.


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                  Cross Stitch

                  Hi there,

                  Yes i cross stitch, though my hubby wouldnt call it that, he says i am playing! he he !!! well no one can say i havent tried. i find it really intricate , especially since the patterns i want to do are massive!

                  Thanks for all the chatting.



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                    I'm 3/4 way through a massive lighthouse picture by Needle Treasures, it has a trellis border which I'm dreading - it was a present or I'm afraid it would have hit the UFO drawer

                    My biggest picture so far was The Osmonds - it's in Chicago now with my friend Gina, she's a massive Osmond fan, I also did Donny on his own for one of Gina's friends, he only took a week!

                    Paula xx


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                      I did one of Robbie Williams for my sister in law - it took three weeks and a number of dream about Robbie! I was requested to do another which is completed and in my cupboard as the person gave back word when I was half way through it.

                      I like to scan in designs into my cross stitch program and make cross stichings from those - can work out cheaper and bespoke sometimes.

                      Ladybenj x
                      Smile and the world smiles with you, laugh and I think it's about me!


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                        I dabbled in cross stitch at one time. My dad finally got round to framing a large one I did of a summer house by a lake with butterflies (I did that about 7 years ago). Now I just need to decide which bit of wall to put it on!
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