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  • Knitters/Crocheting charges

    How much would you charge to knit hats for a company? Hopefully regular work and wool is provided?
    I'm just trying to get idea's of cost so see if a viable opportunity exists.

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    Hi, I've only ever sold baby stuff to friends, so I'm REALLY no expert, but I reckon it would depend on how long it would take you to knit a hat. A bit like an hourly rate. If the yarn etc, wasn't supplied, you would have to work out how much each hat cost you to make, then add on something for your time.

    Hope that helps! Good luck too!!



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      I agree with Purplemac. I have done this for people before and normally charge £6per hour plus cost of materials unless I am handspinning the wool first in which case I charge the same hourly rate for spinning time too.

      Hope this helps


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        I have heard of several different companies doing it in different ways. Some pay by the hour and others pay by the yardage (obviously varied for different weights of yarn). Eg, a simple ribbed beanie in DK would take around 100g and about an hour concentrated knitting, and could be paid for at a rate of £3/50g, or £6/hr. The yardage system fails to take into account the quality of the time a knitter puts in. SS items can be produced while watching the tv or having a chat. A cable knit sweater requires far more concentration.

        Personally i have always paid on a per item basis. I have a large network of knitters that i call upon to produce my items. I calculate how long it would take me to knit the item myself. As every knitter varies in speed, and this can vary between item (some create fast cables and slow lace etc.). I then set a rate per item, so knitters are free to take their time if they have other things to do at the same time, or knock them out quickly if they have plenty of time to dedicate to knitting.

        Hat prices can vary from £6 to £15 in relation to yarn weight and complexity. I also vary this rate on the number that are required. I would obviously pay more for a run of 5 hats than if i needed 50 over a set period of time as there's guaranteed work over that period.

        Most companies are reasonable and they should respect the number of hours work that go into producing an item. As a knitter you must remember that there's a maximum price that the retailer can get for a completed item. Price yourself too high and no one in the carft chain will make money.

        Hope this helps,