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  • Lacemaking

    Hello all

    Thought I would put this posting as well as the first introduction. I dont work due to a disability so lots of time for crafts I have been xstitching for many years and have about 4 on the go ranging from very big to medium but have now taken up Lacemaking I started a few days ago and I am slowly getting into it.

    I found it quite confusing to start with but I have just managed to get to grip with one stitch and I will be attempting another after this posting. Anyone else out there lacemaking If so I would like to hear from you.

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    My friend and her mother used to do lacemaking.It looks so complicated you must have the patience of an angel.
    But what a great thing to persevere with, the end result will be amazing.

    I have done xstitching when I was younger.Looking back I found it very theraputic with all the regimented rows of stitches.I havnt done any for years.

    Do you think you will sell the bits yuo make?

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      Wow, that sounds really cool!

      I too am disabled and can't work, I adore crafts, but use it as a form of physio, as I can't use my left arm much.

      I'd love to try lace making, but, this is gonna sound stupid, can you do it without using 1 hand alot?

      Also, where can I get a starter thingy with a pattern etc to give it a go?
      Nattelie xx


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        Hi Wendy

        I've just joined here and saw your message. I'm 29 and have been making bobbin lace for 20 years (on and off) so know a fair bit! I only do Torchon at the moment but there are loads of great patterns and designs out there in Torchon and the other styles. Let me know if you have any specific queries etc and I also have lots of web links for suppliers etc. Either post here or send me an email/ PM.

        C x


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          I am also thinking of starting lace making again! I'm planning to go to the Christmas Lace Fair at the NEC to stock up on the essentials!