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Newbie, pattern now on other side!

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  • Newbie, pattern now on other side!

    Hi all, I am knitting a scarf (first project to get me used to knitting) it is Stitch, Purl, Stitch & Stitch. All of a sudden I have noticed the pattern for the last few rows has gone onto the other side (plain side). I am not confident enough to unpick so I carried on for a little while thinking it might correct itself (I know!). Anyway as this is just a project to get used to knitting I am happy to leave it as it is but does anyone know how I can get the pattern to go back on the main side? Thank you 😊
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    Firstly, welcome to the forum.
    Your comments are a little too vague for me to be absolutely sure what the pattern you are knitting is supposed to be, so I am assuming it is not an even rib (looks the same from both sides), but something that has two distinct pattern rows and the front and back of the scarf have differing appearances. The only way to get the pattern back to the main side (I assume you mean the right side of the scarf) is to either jump one of the pattern rows or repeat one of them so the combination of stitches along the row is what it was when you started the knitting - sorry this all sounds pretty vague but not easy to explain.

    To be quite honest, if it were me I would be inclined to unpick the piece back to where the pattern goes off track - stitch by stitch if necessary. It may take some time, but it will give you lots of extra practice knitting it back up again and help you to learn the structure of the fabric for different stitches. As you do knit, keep checking that the pattern is following as it should - it's so easy to get a stitch wrong here or there without realising it, and the less you have to unpick the better. I had to unpick a stitch and re-do it last night because I'd done a purl where I should have done a knit - and I've been knitting for over 60 years!

    Probably not a mistake you'll make again.

    Best of luck with it.


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      Hi Linda,
      thank you for your advice. Yes you are correct, the scarf is plain on 1 side and patterned on the other. I did realise (by making a further mistake) that by knitting an extra line of the pattern seemed to bring the pattern back to the patterned side (this probably isn’t explained very well!). However, it seems to have resolved itself even if I unintentionally D19894A8-6508-484B-86DA-43124B5EA7F0.jpeg 7F187380-BEFF-42E1-9304-2607AC0AD27B.jpeg knew I was resolving it.
      I am not sure how I even managed to switch the pattern to the plain side in the first place but I will try and pay more attention after each line to avoid a bigger error area.
      I have attached a picture which hopefully shows what happened but at least for the time being I have managed to get it back to normal and can, fingers crossed, stop it from happening again 😊


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        Ah! Right! I see what you mean now - all that happened was that you did a knit row when it should have been a purl row (or vice versa) and it just flipped the patterning. (I'd assumed - wrongly - that you were doing the different stitches along the row creating a vertical pattern).

        As it is, if you're happy to leave it, then it really won't look too bad - just a random pattern.

        A tip for future knitting projects where a pattern, or shapings, are involved is to have a piece of paper and pen/pencil handy, then mark off each row as you do it. This helps to reduce the chances of errors occurring.

        I also have to say that your knitting looks beautifully even so you must have very good tension



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          Aw thank you Linda, at least I now know what I did! Lol.

          Thank you re my knitting, I haven’t done any since I was about 10 and that was forever ago! I decided to pick it up as a way of de-stressing and relaxing and so far have really enjoyed it. I struggled to following the instructions in my beginners book I bought but found plenty of videos on YouTube which got me started. I’m hoping to improve enough by the end of this scarf to do another one that I could gift at Christmas!

          Thank you again for your help and comments 😊


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            Delighted I could help


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              Hi everyone!
              Im a newcommer. I hope I can learn everything from you. Im from Vietnam