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Help knitting a v-neck vest !!

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  • Help knitting a v-neck vest !!

    Hi everyone!
    im new to this forum and new to knitting in general. I decided to make a v neck vest for a friend and I am almost finished but the pattern is confusing me.

    i’ve reached the ‘finishing’ section and sewn my right shoulder seam as instructed. I have picked up 38 stitches down the neck (I’m making a medium size) and now I’m confused as what to do now? I’ve accidentally dropped my centre stitch and I’m unsure of how to get it back also.

    i am unsure of how I’m supposed to pick up and knit all the stitches around the neck and then also across the back of the neck? and where/when do I introduce my second needle to actually knit these?

    ive linked the pattern so you can fully understand what I’m talking about because I’m sure I’m not making sense haha

    thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forum. As far as your current difficulties go, the first thing to do is to find that dropped centre stitch and put something through the loop to stop it going any further down the front of the vest. If you have a smallish crochet hook you could probably use that to "knit" the stitch back up the ladder to the place where it should be (make sure to work from the front of the garment so it ends up looking like stocking stitch and matches the rest of the knitting), if no crochet hook available can you improvise something to do the same job? It will be fiddly, but worth it.

    Once you've retrieved that situation put that central stitch on the needle where you are picking up the stitches round the neck, pick up the stitches from the other side of the "V" the same way you did the first lot, then put the stitches from the back neck stitch holder on to your ever growing number on the "picking up" needle.

    Once you have all 105 stitches on one needle you can progress to working the first row of the edging using both needles.

    Normally, I'd suggest finding someone who is an experienced knitter and asking them to show you how to cope with the situation, but that's obviously not a viable solution at the moment. It's probably worth a look on YouTube to see if you can find a suitable tutorial; I'm sure there are many out there (some will not be easy to understand, but keep looking as there will be someone who has done a clearly demonstrated and easy to understand video).

    Do let us know how you get on.


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      Thank you so much for your help!

      when going back to pick up my centre stitch, there is no loop, only a big gap with ladders? I think this may be because I had to join new yarn at this point and it has somehow become unravelled?

      how would I pick up this stitch if there is no loop?

      Thanks again for your help!


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        The loop will be there somewhere - try and follow the "ladder" down the knitting, but without stretching the fabric as this will only cause the stitch to slip further down the piece. If you can't see it working downwards, see if you can find it by working upwards from the ribbed section. If you can't see the actual loop find a row where you can be certain the stitch is still there and put something through it on that row (a smaller needle, stitch holder, safety pin or similar) to prevent any further slippage below that point, then scrutinise very carefully working upwards until you find the place where the unravelling has reached.

        Do be careful with moving the piece around as you will have realised that the fabric comprises of rows of loops which hook through the row below and there is nothing to stop them slipping downwards other than the needle holding the latest row.

        I've just put "knitting - how to recover a slipped stitch" into Google and the first two videos (ignore the ads at the top of results page) show very nicely two methods of recovering the stitch. Although the videos show a simplified version and make it look easier than it might be, the basic principles are there.

        Good luck.