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  • Help with vintage pattern

    Hello everyone,

    I hope someone can help me.

    I am knitting from a vintage Paton's pattern and have come unstuck with the sleeves.

    I have knitted the body of the cardigan fine, with the repeating pattern (see picture). When it comes to the sleeves, which also include the repeating pattern, there are many increases/ decreases needed to shape the arm holes. The problem is, that the repeating pattern is slightly different from that used on the main body of the piece and I am only given up to the 8th row of the repeat - just told to keep pattern correct. I can't seem to make the repeating pattern work with the increases.

    I have attached pictures of the garment and pattern. I hope someone can read this and understand my issue, although without having knitted the rest of the pattern it may be hard.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You need Linda, she will be along later an expert in all things wool. I just dabble.


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      You need Linda, she will be along later an expert in all things wool. I just dabble.
      Very flattering Caroline, but I'm not that good!

      Bee - unfortunately I can't read the pattern from your photos, but I have encountered a similar problem many years ago.

      The way I got round it was to keep the first stitch to two of each row in stocking stitch, until the number of increases gives enough stitches to work the pattern repeat from a point where you can match it up with the previous work (hope you can understand what I mean). These little patches of stocking stitch will be on the underside of the sleeve and not really noticeable.

      Another solution is to just have a panel of the pattern running up the sleeve - follow the written instructions up to the point where you struggle to extend the patterning, then keep the edges of the pattern panel straight and make everything either side of it stocking stitch.

      The only other thing I can think of is if you have an old fashioned style wool shop anywhere nearby that is open (or a local knit and natter group) there is most likely at least one person there who has been knitting for years and is familiar with the type of pattern you're using and can offer some advice.

      Good luck with whatever solution you go with - and don't forget to post some photos when it's finished.



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        Thank you - I will try my best with it! I have asked a few knitters that I know and they couldn't understand what the pattern was asking!

        I will persevere and match it as best I can!

        Thanks again!