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    Could someone please tell me what the best option is for marking a design/ name onto fabric to copy over with embroidery. I have a magic disappearing ink pen but sometimes it fades too quickly and it's also a bit chunky in the nib dept.

    Is there something like a fine pen I could use which would fade or not show underneath the embroidery thread.

    I'm very neat but I don't want to rely on freehand as I want to make sure all the letters etc are even.


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    You can get pens that wash out very easily. We used them in P&Q and, if your piece of work wasn't meant to be washable, you could just wet your finger and rub the mark away afterwards.

    Hope this helps. :0)


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      Thats great, thanks. Do you know what they are called so I can google ?


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        You can get pencils which are very fine and will stay around on the fabric for quite a while. I use these quite a lot for both my machine but especially my hand quilting as that can take weeks to finish. They are also vey fine which I find useful for intricate detail.
        Please be careful when you buy as I once bought a pen which described itself as fine but when I used it it bled into a thick turquoise line, not a good look on white satin!!!! and despite its claim it did not wash out. If the tip looks like a felt tip I would give it a very wide berth!! The pencils are by far the best and they come in a variety of colours.

        Hope this helps


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          I find a very fine pencil very useful, usually I've covered the marks anyway with the embroidery so I don't need to wash it out.



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            pens for fabric

            I've started using a fine fabric pen for my designs. Had to hunt around for one suitable for silk, but if you're not using silk that won't be a problem.

            I also got a pack of 5 different colours by Dylon at Hobby Craft (these aren't specifically for silk). It doesn't actually say on the pack that they are washable, but it does say to iron it to fix. They have a very fine point and, of course, being for fabric they shouldn't bleed.