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    Hi everyone

    I am interested to start jewellery making but I am sooo confused. I've had a look at all the main ways that it can be done - metalsmith, soldering, beads, etc.

    Could I ask which ways any of you make your jewellery? I've seen many lovely pieces through your websites, so I am very intrigued to find out which methods you use.

    Helen x

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    Hi Helen

    I make beaded jewellery which is great fun as there are loads of different beads out there you can use to really get creative. Also it's a good way to start if you've never made jewellery before, something you can teach yourself and relatively cheap to start.

    I'm now doing silversmithing which is different and have gone to night school to learn the "tricks of the trade!" I really enjoy that too but some techniques are quite involved and if you're doing it at home, it can require quite a lot of equipment.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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      I do silver jewelry and like Rachie said, it does involve quite a lot of equipment, but I do everything at home in one of the spare bedrooms. Can get a bit messy sometimes Love it though, next thing to learn is working with gold.

      Maybe I take a photo of my desk so you see all the stuff that I use, need to tidy it up a bit first though since it looks like someone have dropped a bomb on it now.

      Think with smithing you need to take a course.

      Have a great weekend.



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        Hi, I started off really simply by making memory wire bracelets and necklaces on tiger wire. Now I love to make knitted or crocheted wire and bead jewellery. I buy lots of beading magazines and borrow or buy books for inspiration as well as going to a jewellery course. Play around with ideas and have fun!


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          It's quite limitless what you can do when making jewellery,

          For example, I have a friend who makes her own beads out of felt

          and another who prints images of her paintings onto Acrylic sheet and cuts them into component shapes to dangle as ear-rings or pendants.

          Some people have great creative ideas


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            I do threading, wirework, macrame and am still learning other techniques.
            Very addictive!
            With love



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              It all depends on what you want to do.
              If you are into silversmithing, you must start with the basic technics: filing, sandpapering, welding .... if you have a casting shop in the area you can order yourself ready made casts of silver or golden items and learn how to finish them. Setting stones is the next step takes more time and effort to learn.
              The basic tools are not that many, but remember once you start investing there is no end to new tools and technologies.
              There are nice starting packages in Riogrande :
              Good luck !
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                Making Jewellery

                I started making jewellery to sell in my shop because ready made jewellery was too expensive to buy. I think the fact I studied Sculpture at art college has helped me understand how to construct things. I am happy making things by simple methods as it is fast and I need to earn my living from selling what I make. If you really are starting from scratch I suggest you look through Ebay shops worldwide, this is how I learned to make jewellery. Some sites will explain how to use tools etc.
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                  jewellery making

                  Hello Helen,
                  making beaded jewellery is a good place to start, you can make it if you're off on a journey, if you're away for a weekend. Which is more than can be said for silver jewellery. there are several ways to start, you can get yourself 3 pairs of pliers, flat nosed,round nosed and wire cutters. Or, you could get yourself a pair of '4 in one' pliers, that is a pair of pliers that has those 3 pliers in it and also a little hole that closes jump rings. although I recommend that you if you buy a 4 in 1 then you get a pair of wire cutters anyway.
                  I run beaded jewellery workshops here in sunny Cornwall. I usually start with a pair of earrings, going on to a plastic elastic bracelet, then a necklace made with eyepins and beads and finishing with a floater necklace. That's a day's session.Good luck, if you need more details, do not hesitate to contact me.


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                    Yes beaded jewellery is a great way to start- I have been making my own for two years now and it is becoming more and more elaborate. I use a website called Jillybeads which is great for beginners to get everything they need.

                    You can then go on from threading onto elastic to threading on string and adding interesting clasps...and then attach bedas onto chains with headpins which are pieces of wire with a head on the end to hold the bead and then you can wrap the wire round a chunky chain and add some charms for a nuce bracelet!

                    Its a good idea to get a couple of pairs of pliers as these will really help as your creativity grows!

                    Good luck.


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                      Don't forget PMC too (Precious metal clay, or Silver Art Clay). This is recycled silver infused into a clay that you can manipulate like playdough, or pastry. Having done both PMC and conventional silversmithing, I would say PMC requires a much more delicate touch, though it's always horses for courses...


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                        I was in your situation last year and now I am running a small business from home! Take the plunge and join a beading class. It's the easiest way to start. I get Beadstyle magazine and they have some lovely easy projects with step by step instructions.

                        Have a go and enjoy!

                        Carol Shaw
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