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    I'm having a nightmare at the moment. I have got what I believe are amazing ideas and friends and family have commented on my jewellery making. I just wondered if anyone would be prepared to promote some of my jewellery on their website? I've tried selling in a local shop and on ebay but no luck so far and it is upsetting me greatly...

    Any feedback/advice would be much appreciated!

    Kind Regards,


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    Can't help directly with your question as I don't have a website but have you tried setting up on Etsy or You Crafty Lot? Both are fairly inexpensive ways of getting your stuff out there. Also advertising. Start a Blog (if you don't already have one) with pictures of the sort of things you do, links to any online outlets you have (Etsy, Ebay whatever) and submit to Craft Juice and the like to "show off" your wares. Having some pics on Craft Juice can really boost your confidence!

    There are a lot of Jewelry makers on the forum, I'm sure some of them would be able to give you some tips on selling on-line.

    Also, persevere with the local shop thing. Try different shops. Have a look at one of Yesterdays threads "I sold something Yay!" She had sold a piece of jewellry through a hair salon!

    Hope that helps a bit!
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      hi dena,
      i agree with roseberry crafts, hang in there and PERSEVERE! it can be disheartening, but its all a learning curve. re-think your strategies and look at all the options open to you. i started by taking my jewellery into work (my 'other' job!) just to show people and get some constructive critism. this was made easier by the fact its 90% female based at work though! from day one, the ones that looked started to buy, so i was very lucky, and it was mainly them that encouraged me to take it further. i have 3 parties lined up (friends again) but friends know friends and that gets the word round - especially if you have some visual back up for them to show to others (work, family etc). someone else on another thread recently suggested making up a 'box' and putting some samples of your work in with business cards/catalogues for a trusted friend to take to their place of work. another friends husband who works at canary warf told me they often have some crafty type people setting up in the office block foyer over the lunch time period as its right next to the cafe/ restaurant - brilliant idea! i'm also giving a 'sample box' to another work colleague (whos bought some peices in the past) to have for the easter hols as shes gonna be catching up with 'the girls' during that time. you do need to be a bit pushy in the nicest possible way, but so far i've found people (not all known friends) to be really encouraging and supportive and keen to help me promote my stuff.

      hope this helps. sorry its a long one - i really am 'the waffler' eh?

      Crafty Moo!!/urbanfairyannie


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        Have you thought of having a jewellery party? A bit like Tupperware or Anne Summers. You get a friend to invite their friends to their house and you set up your jewellery and sell to them. I have done a few now and all have been successful. I give the hostess 10% of the sale to buy what she wants out of my stock. If you need any info just pm me.


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          Not much to add to the others guys great advice really, but this is the place to find out more about Etsy, Tuggle, YouCraftyLot etc if you havent already tried them and from what I've read, theyre pretty cost effective ways to start your own online shop up

          I dont have a website either but I have a Blog now, courtesy of joining the forum and learning it wasnt a social disease after all

          Prior to that, I'd just started having a go at craft fairs but word of mouth proved best, family mentioning what I do to friends etc. I also did a setup in British Gas canteen one day, must go back again though cos I think you'd need to visit a few times to establish yourself in businesses

          Dena did you post a thread the other day wondering if you could open some sort of consortium Ebay shop? Apologies if I'm remembering wrong

          Shaz x
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