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    There are some items I stock in my shop which always seem to sell better than others. For those starting out I thought it might be helpful to start a thread on this subject.

    These are some of the popular jewellery items I have sold since November.

    Anything with turquoise but especially earrings.
    Fairy jewellery.
    Opalite Earrings.
    Charm Bracelets especially pink and green ones.
    Dainty necklaces with chip stones, chakra style.
    Tumble stone bracelets in earthy colours.
    Moonstone pendants.
    Swarovski crystal heart necklaces and earrings. (always popular)
    Chris W.
    Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts

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    That's kind of you to post this list, Chris!

    Charm bracelet and Swarovski, will they ever go out of fashion!!!!
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      Perhaps we could also look at what makes things sell – But I am biased!!

      I..[email protected]/?saved=1


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        What an interesting post Chris, I'm not a jewellery crafter but it'd be just as interesting to hear if your popular items are similar to other peoples

        And I guess what made your things sell was having such lovely items in your shop in the first place

        Shaz x
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          Originally posted by Chris W View Post
          Fairy jewellery.

          I have this necklace on my website and I sell them at my market stall too, and people of all ages touch and admire it (and some buy it too! :P)


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            I have found that black sells well at the moment. I have sold various necklaces with black onyx, banded agate, black line jasper and lavikite. Some teamed with cream pearls and black beads others with turquoise, or amber glass or red coral accents.



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              Thanks for a helpful post, it will be useful to me, I am hoping to start selling some crafts, Jewelry being one of them (not sure how successful I will be...) Thanks again


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                I timed out with my reply yesterday so I will do it again.

                This is an interesting discussion, one I've had many times. I find anything blue sells, people seem to be attracted to it for some reason. I am currently studying crystal therapy and find that colour of stones denotes something that you need within yourself, (all very heavy I know).

                In my experience as well I make jewellery with the colours I need at that time. My winter is so different from the summer. I find though that pink doesn' sell so well as blue, yellow and purple.



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                  Since I started this post I have sold quite a few green items, I wonder if this is because of approaching spring?
                  Chris W.
                  Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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                    What an interesting thread!
                    I've just had a scan through my own jewellery box and there are lots of blues, blacks and pinks!

                    I wonder if colours do become more popular during different months?



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                      I have found that Black, olive green & turquoise sell very well all year round. I've also found that the more chunkier of my items sell better. Chunky charm bracelets for example sell very well and I have many repeat orders for these.

                      Yellow & bright orange are difficult colours to sell unless it it summer.

                      Also, I have found more recently that more and more people want jewellery sets rather than just a bracelet or necklace.
                      Laura Clague
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                        Colour therapy!

                        I think you're right about colour and reflecting mood, turquoise is also really popular at the moment, and I believe it attracts the opposite sex! Also purple, lilac and pink never seem to go out of fashion, these are all calming and healing colours.
                        Black and white always sells for me too.
                        BUT it really just depends on the customers that flit by your stall, and you can guarantee that the colours you don't have are the colours they want!!
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                          Seasonal Thread

                          If we could keep this thread going we may keep a track of buying trends which would be a useful guide. In the past I have found that after Easter people start to buy jewellery, however money is very tight at the moment and I have never known it so quiet in my shop, this could just be my area as it is a deprived one with many of my customers on benefits. It will be interesting to see if jewellery still sells in a recession.
                          Chris W.
                          Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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                            What sells?............................anything under 50p....................with a free carrier bag.


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                              Hi Chris,

                              I'm just starting out and have just launched my jewellery website and it's difficult to know what's going to be popular.

                              Thanks for sharing that we us.

                              I checked your site. Beautiful pieces!

                              Carol Shaw